My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


      I sit in the tree, the alarm still blares.  and swarming around the car and tree are hundreds upon hundreds of undead.  I look to the grey skies above and speak to nobody in general.  "If you are up there, you are pretty fucked up, you know that?"  Looking back down, I see a few of the creatures have managed to break the windshield and force their way in the vehicle.  Each one of them slashing their torsos open on the jagged glass they crawled through.  Looking from the car to the park, I get an idea.  "If they will blindly stumble through anything, maybe I can get some of them stuck in the barbed wire.  It buys me some time to search the park for an escape, and maybe some more supplies."  Looking at the fence, I see its pretty sturdy looking.  I hope it can hold up long enough for me to get down and find an exit.  I take a deep breath, exhale and jump.  I roll behind the Humvee and look under the vehicle.  It seems like none of the creatures saw or heard me, lucky me.  I look in the car to see something so beautiful I crack a smile.  "Someone was nice enough to leave the keys in the ignition."
                  The temptation to simply drive away was strong, but there could be supplies that I could use nearby.  Mentally preparing myself, I take a moment to pick where I would check for supplies.  Looking around there were tents all around, but what caught my eye was a black barrel half hidden between a stack of boxes.  Another deep breath and I darted to the boxes.  The closer I got the happier I became.  The barrel was connected to the most beautiful and sleek shotgun I ever did lay eyes on.  Fully automatic and smelling of cleaning chemicals, sat an automatic shotgun.  Gripping it under my arm, I pry the lid of the box open to find ammunition for the shotgun and a few other types of weapons.  Not being Picky I pick up the rather heavy box and shuffle back to the Humvee.  About halfway to my newly acquired ride, the alarm chirps one more time and dies out.  Suddenly every pair of decaying eyes are on me, and the moan is everywhere.  "Time to go, and fast!"  Muttering as I toss the box and gun in the backseat of the vehicle.  I jump in the drivers seat and turn the keys.  It takes a second but the engine turns over and roars to life.  Putting it in drive I head for the gate and ram into it full speed, sending barbed wire and wrought-iron fence flying.  Pressing as hard as I could on the gas, I speed through the hungry crowd, bodies crunching under my tires.  Rotting hands grab on to whatever they can to stay with the vehicle as it bucks and makes its way through the masses of undead.
          I make my way away from downtown to find the roads rather clear, save a few mindlessly standing in the road.  I plow through them and keep going.  Looking towards the horizon I see what I am looking for.  The mountains, I'm heading in the right direction at least.  Checking the inside of the cab I see a CB radio.  I had never used one before, but I turn it on in hopes that I will hear a broadcast of some sorts.  I flip through several channels and hear the same thing, that soulless static buzz.  Returning my focus to the road ahead I see the convenience mart I hid in front of earlier in the day.  Slamming on the brakes, loose ammunition goes flying throughout the cab, I turn down the street I came in from and make my way to the barricade.  Thoughts of the group back on the bus begin to trickle in.  How much of this ammunition is really mine?  I mean, I was the one who risked getting eaten alive to get it, and it ends up community property?  Oh well, for the greater good I suppose.  But one thing is for certain.  "Nobody touches my new fucking shotgun."  Saying it out loud made me laugh, and feel a bit better about going in town.  I never found the searchlights, but the trip wasn't a total bust.  I stop the vehicle for a moment, reaching back to grab my new sleek weapon, and set it in the seat next to me.  Continuing on the road, I see the barricade ahead of me.  But before I can reach it, a flash of light illuminates the grey  sky, followed by the loud boom of thunder.  This is going to be a big storm, I need to get all of this back on the bus soon.
          Weaving past the barricade I pull up next to the bus.  Several taps on the drivers side window should get their attention.  I strap down my shotgun as I pile all of the loose ammo that spilled out earlier.  "A little help here would be greatly appreciated!"  A slight hint of malice could easily be detected, but nobody catches it.  Rich comes out to help me with the cumbersome box, and I ask him about the radio.  "hey, you drove for a living before this.  Think a CB would be useful?"  waiting for the back door to open he replies.  "You find one of those too?  Well aren't you just the most useful person here?"  Laughing as we strained to get the box high enough to slide in the bus.  he continues after shutting the door.  "Well, it wouldn't hurt to try to establish human contact.  Plus, it would lift every ones hopes of finding more survivors."  Following me to the now wrecked Humvee, I point out the radio and he goes about disconnecting it and placing it in the bus.  Looking at the vehicle I was shocked.  The tires were shredded, and there were chunks of putrid flesh in the bumper.  So much for taking the car along.  The more I stared at it, the more I thought.  "You know, if Satan ever got a car, this is what it would look like."  Rich laughs as he steps out to examine my handiwork.  "How the hell, on second though I don't think I want to know how you did all of that to the car.  But one thing is for certain.  You are not driving my bus."  Grinning as he walked away I couldn't help but laugh.  I make my way onto the bus for a well earned meal and some sleep.  I was wore the fuck out, mentally and physically.

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