My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The dash before the dawn

   Running.  Running fast.  But going nowhere.  No matter how fast I ran I didnt move.  The horde slowly circling me, leaving no room for escape.  As their rotting hands began to block all light out, pulling and scratching, I screamed.  No matter how loud I called for help, It was inaudible over the collective moan of the horde.
     CLICK! Hmmmmmmmmmm
   I shot up as the AC I was sleeping on hummed to life, the breeze from the fans cooling my sweat drenched body.  It was dark, I looked at my phone and say it was three in the morning.  It would be several hours before the sun came back up, but the power was still on.  I at least had the streetlights.  Staying in one place was a stupid idea and I knew it.  Grabbing my club, I head towards the drop off, where the store ended and the pizza joint began.  From there it was maybe a twelve foot drop, then onto the shed behind the pizza place.  That was my escape.  Fortunately there was nothing in the back alley, giving me my chance to get off this roof and away from this town.  I slowly drop from the roof to the shed, then to the hard ground.  The crunch of gravel, although slight, sends chills up my spine.  Any slight sound could betray my position, but to take off blindly running could prove to be more dangerous.  Slowly, I crept out from the alley, sneaking a peak from around the corner.  Relieved that the parking lot wasn't as overrun as I thought it would be by now, but my car was in the center of the horde.  "Looks like thats out of the question.  I'm hoofing it for now."
     Thinking of where to go, home was out of the question.  Too close to the hospital.  Town hall in the opposite direction.  Instead of thinking of where I should go, I thought of where everyone else was going and try to go nowhere near there.  I laughed a little as I walked nowhere in particular, just not wanting to stay in one place.  I needed supplies.  Maps, food, and god forbid a car.  There was a run down gas station just a quarter mile up the road, "At least I could get some water and a roadmap th-" A rustle in the distance cause me to snap out of my external monologue.  But what scared me was it was getting louder, as if someone was running.  And that was the last thing I needed to think about.  Whatever it was it was definitely running, towards me.
     "HELP!  ANYBODY!"  The runner screamed at the top of her lungs, running at me.  She stopped about a couple of yards in front of me to make sure I was in fact human.  "Are you freaking crazy?!  Yelling like that will alert every one of those things in earshot!" Keeping my voice to an angry whisper while keeping an eye out around me.  This girl is going to get me killed, and I don't even know her name.  "You have to help me, my brother is inside and hes hurt bad.  I need your help!"  The desperation in her voice was something that couldn't be faked, but survival was at hand.  "You're going to have to find someone else lady, if hes been bit theres nothing you or anyone else can do.  I suggest you say your goodbyes and focus on your survival."  My tone cold and emotionless, but truer words never passed my lips.  Survival is the goal.  "Now if you will excuse me I have to get out of here before they arrive."  Coldly walking past her as if she hadn't even existed.
   I heard her screams a few minutes later, begging the growing crowd to stop as she was torn apart.her cries bubbled out, drowned by the wailing of so many hungry ghouls.  Wondering if there was a heaven or hell and if so which one would I end up in at the end of this journey as I snuck in the abandoned gas station.  The guilt sinking in as I loaded a bookbag behind the counter full of supplies.  I had never stolen before, but at the same time it didn't feel like stealing.  Just like abandoning a fellow human in need wasn't murder, but it sure felt like it.  My head swarming with all these guilty thoughts so early into the journey almost made me burst into tears.  My parents, my friends at work, that beautiful stranger in the street.  All dead and I could have fixed that. "No.  Don't even begin to think like that.  You did what you could.  No use crying over situations you couldn't have possibly fixed.  You are alive.  Keep it that way."  That voice in my head, so soothing and so familiar.  Strong and fatherly advice, It got me back on my feet and gave me the drive to keep going.  Wiping the tears from my face I sneak out of the store, just as silently as I entered.  Down the street.  I needed more supplies.  Never having traveled anywhere without a GPS in my life, I might as well just wander into a group of those freaks.  Heading down the street, feeling less self loathing over the events of the past day, I had a purpose.  Survival.  Plain and simple.  "And that's just what im going to do.  Not even those things crawling around out there are going to stop me."  It sounded brave.  And thats all I needed to hear.

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