My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leaving town

       The sun, so warm and bright.  The warmth of the roof slowly bringing me out of my slumber.  Rubbing my eyes and slowly getting on my feet I look around.  The fires were spreading, the town was slowly burning to the ground.  "Looks like my time here is up, oh well, never planned on staying long."  I said, thinking of my plans from before this whole nightmare began.  "My plans...I..." The grief washing over me, never really thinking about anything other than survival until now.  Head swimming with a thousand thoughts, all of them leading to a single idea.  Where would I go?  "Home."  The whisper was calm, and comforting.  It was a very long way from middle Tennessee but I was going home, undead or no.  "Alaska it is then."  I picked a long and perilous road, but it was where I going.  And I wasn't stopping until I was there, or dead.
     Grabbing my equipment and strapping everything down, I slid off the roof and on the dumpster as silently as I could.  The parking lot, full of cars, provided perfect cover from the undead that peppered the streets.  Peeking over the hood of an expedition I saw a clearing to my left.  A long road that went through the hills, and the woods.  I shivered at the thought of those creatures slouching out of the woods in every direction.  But thinking harder I could see them slouching out of any place, in every direction.  No matter where I went was dangerous.  "Lets just take a stroll in the woods and see where that leads." Speaking out loud seemed to keep me grounded.  Like I wasn't alone.  Sprinting past the car I made it past most of the crowd, most of them too busy bumping into each other to notice me.  Well almost all of them.  Their hungry mouths let out that moan, alerting every one in the intersection, leading them to moan.  Left unbroken this could bring half the county after me.  Now I really hope the road ahead is clear, clear enough to lose my undead tail.  Drawing the 9mm from the holster on my leg, never taking my eyes off the road ahead.   Its going to be a long day.
      After what seemed like hours later I came to the top of a hill.  Over the hill I could see a small grouping of houses.  Almost untouched, maybe...."There could be someone here."  Voice strained from running out of town, managing to lose sight of my unwanted company I headed towards the first house.  Cautiously I approached the porch, avoiding all the litter in the yard.  The front door open, bloody footprints leading in and out had cinched my thoughts about survivors.  At least they're gone.  Taking one last look around before leaving I notice a gleam in the overgrown grass, metal, with a rubber-  Wheel! -  A bike, a bit rusty, but far better than walking up and down this hilly terrain.  picking it up and setting its wheels on the ground lifted my spirits.  Hopping on I set back on the road, making much better time than before.  The wind whipping around my back, I sailed down the hill, Unable to help the grin cracking across my face I truly enjoyed my bike across the county, my long and perilous ride home.
     A few hours down the road, the light sinking below the wood covered hills, the shadows covering the road. Unable to fully see the road I hit a snag.  The snag being a corpse.  My bike flipped leaving me on my back, swearing at nobody in particular.  Rising up, aching all over, I had to get going.  Straining to see amongst the shadows in my nearly lightless surroundings I manage to keep on the road.  The bike was a short lived transport, but It got me away from my followers from town.  Continuing up the hill gave me a better view, the moon was up and its pale glow illuminated the clearing above.  Not a soul in sight, Limping towards the rock on the edge of the clearing I sat down for a minute to rest and asses my injuries.  Nothing major, aside from the bruises I was fine.  Way too lucky for my own good.  After checking my wounds I just sat there for a minute, recollecting how I made it to this rock, the run from work, across town, and sleeping on rooftops.  It felt so primal, yet I had never felt so alive.  Before all of this had happened, I had told myself I would really get out there and start living, not just sit at home on the internet or sitting mindlessly in front of the tv for hours on end.   Well, wish granted, with a sick twist.  Thinking of my old life had reminded me, I still had a phone.  I could see if anyone is alive.  I slid my phone up to see  how much battery it had.  47%.  Not bad, but then again I'm not constantly using it and playing music on it.  Thirteen missed notifications, four missed calls and voicemails and a few text messages.  I flipped through the text and was sick to my stomach.  A few friends sending chain texts seeing if anyone was alive, and the one that made me start crying was a two parter.  One of my best friends had sent sort of a last will.  Stating that he was bitten at the movies last night.  He locked himself in a bathroom and told me his last human thoughts.  "We've been bros for so long, I can only hope I don't see you on the other side when I get there.  Don't come visiting now, understand?"
     I didn't care if there was a horde over the hill or what, I broke down and cried harder than I had in a very long time.  My partner in crime was gone.  Now a faceless drop in the sea of undead that multiplied with each bite.  My family, my friends, everyone was gone.  Except for one last grasp, one hope that somebody is alive. I fumble through my contacts, looking up and holding my breath so I could listen to my surroundings.  Nothing.  I dive right back and see her number, touching the screen to dial.  Hoping with everything, ready to pray to any God that would listen that she was still safe. Ringing, for what seemed like an eternity until I heard her voice, "Whaddup Honkey, Ill call you back as soon as I can."
     FUCK!  I began to hyperventilate as the AVS politely informed to leave me a message I collected myself long enough to leave her a message, should she hear it.   "...Allie, please tell me that you are safe, I need to know that you are on base with dad.  Mom is gone, I'm all alone out here.  Please, I need someone to be alive.  I'm coming to Ohio to get you.  I swear i'll be there."  Hanging up the phone, then setting it to power save mode to keep the phone alive in case she decided to call back. Grief turning to rage, I stood up ignoring the pain in my legs and continuing to march up the hill, glowing under the pale light of the moon.  My trip home put on a back burner I needed to go see if she was alright.  I had to, even if my big brother instinct could get me killed.

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