My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New faces

     Continuing up the hill I came towards a gas station, but what caught my interest was the car.  Headlights on, that had to mean people were there, or at least their keys were.  Drawing my gun, I cautiously approached the truck, gun pointed forward.  Hoping if there was someone there, they asked questions before they shot.  About  ten yards away from the truck I heard a man, "Hey, we need to get going!  Those things could be out there!"  Hands in the air I approached them, relieved that there was someone else alive out there. "Hello!  Its okay, I'm clean, I... please say you aren't insane."  The last part came out as sarcastic, but true.  Guns cocked and I felt like I was going to be blown away at any time.  "You just get outta work boy?"  The bigger man laughed as he lowered the shotgun.  I looked down and saw that I had yet to get out of my work uniform.  "Yeah, you could say that..." Noticing the blood splatters on my khaki pants, I winced.  I hated this uniform.  I need a change of clothes.
     "Names Wallace, shes Emily, and you are....."  He trailed off, his hand gesture snapped me back to reality, answering his question.  "Names Chris.  Too bad we had to meet under such circumstances."  Trying to be as cordial as possible, wouldn't want to offend someone with wheels.  He came towards me, flashlight inspecting every bit of exposed skin.  "Cant be too cautious now, understand?  Take the shirt off, Need to inspect for bites."  Feeling rather awkward taking my shirt off for a man I had just met, rational feeling, replied, "Huh, you just wanna check my hot bod, but the pants stay." he trained the beam on my chest, then my back and arms. "He's clean.  Put your top back on and hop in smartass.  You going anywhere in particular?"  Chuckling as he went back to help Emily load the last two boxes in the truck.
              With the boxes strapped in we set off, Introductions out of the way, we got to talking.  Emily and Wallace were coming back from vacation in Louisiana when the initial phases of the outbreaks began.  Unknown to me or anyone in the county, several outbreaks had occurred throughout the states, but were ignored by the media, several other disasters were deemed too important at the time.  They had first seen the "Zed-heads" as they called them, two nights ago as they were leaving a diner.  "We had just paid our bill and were getting ready to head to the car, when a man came up to the window and began banging on it begging for help.  Several people rushed out to help him, but..." Emily cut off, unable to finish.  "By the time they got out to help him, they showed up.  Just two at the time, but nobody knew what was going on.  We didn't.  From there two bit two, they died bit more, then the next thing you know theres fire in the streets and all hell has broken loose!  We got in out truck, filled up a mile away and kept going.  We left our house, out dog, we left...." Wallace's turn to trail off.  "Everything.  I know.  But surviving is what matters.  Don't beat yourself up."  I said, sounding braver than I felt.  I then told them of my story, the attack at work, the girl that stopped me in the middle of the street, sleeping on rooftops, running through the pockets of the undead. Everyone I had left behind, my family.  But I'm looking for someone,  I was reminded. I asked them, "Are you going north?  I'm heading to Ohio first, then Alaska"
               "Boy, why do you want to go to Ohio?"  He blurted, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.  "My sister lives in Ohio and I need to see if shes alive."  Speaking of which, I could call her now that I don't have to worry about hands grabbing me from the shadows.  I pulled my phone out and attempted to call her again.  Nothing, as I was about to put the phone back, I got a blip.  A text message.  It was her!  "Shes alive!"  I was beginning to feel like my old self again, I opened the message and my heart sank.  I cant talk, those things are outside of dads apartment.  I haven't heard from him in days.  If I don't see you again, I love you.  "Can you take me to Ohio?  My sister is in trouble."  Wallace sensing the urgency in my voice asked me matter of factly, "Boy you know how to get there?"  Without skipping a beat I pulled my map out of my  bookbag and snapped back playfully, "you know how to read one of these things old man?"  He looked at Emily, and Emily looked at him.  She then turned to me, "You really are a big brother aren't you?"    I smiled as I sent her another text.  Sit put.  Don't leave the apartment.  I'm coming.  Going home could wait, family came first.  The truck whipped past the roadsign that read I-65 NORTH 12 MI.

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