My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The sprint

   Never had I run so fast in my life.  For the first time I had truly felt insignificant, unable to change or assist my fellow man in such a widespread chaos.  All I could do now was run, and hope for survival.  After what had seemed for hours I came to a slow jog.  I could hear nothing, but I was still sure they were right behind me.  I sit down on a rock, its solid surface gently coated with dew.  I try to piece the events of the day together but it comes back just as confusing and insane as it came.  It was just another boring Monday evening, the work day almost over. As I was going through the motions of ending my shift, he came walking through the door.  Shuffling in, attention soley fixed on the cashier closest to the door.  Within the split second before the scream and regestering what I saw, time had come to a crawl.   I could see the blood gushing from her throat, each droplet splashing against the dirty tile floor.  The light slowly fading from her eyes as the now bloodthirsty man continued to tear at the now lifeless body.
   And like that, time continued regularly, I could hear the screams coming from both in the store and from beyond the single entrance.  Panic took over every part of my being.  I ran without having to think where I was going.  Finally, being in that grocerey store day in and day out paid off. The dash to the back dock was the easiest part of my journey.  the only one of those things in the store was still in the entrance, granted there werent more of them flooding in.  Upon reaching the docking area I find myself a suitable weapon for the time being, a metal rod, broken off from the bottom of a shopping cart.  Defenses in hand I make a move for the door, but stop dead in my tracks.  Emergencey Exit.  Alarm Will Sound.
     "Fuck my life."  Was all I could say as I pictured opening the door, alarms betraying my location to however many of them were lurking on the grounds.  All I could do was walk away from the one exit I could think of.  "Looks like Im trying the front..."  Clenching my makeshift club as I mentaly prepare for the run to my car, I kick the swinging doors open and dash between the lanes.  There were many more of them, shambling through the entrance, just as disgusting and blood drenched as the first.  "Too many to run through, you'll never make it!"  I needed a new plan, and fast.  Where did I have access to that was safe, even if it was temporary.  The upstairs office!  The password protected door would keep those things out for sure, and with the security cameras I could see when the area was clear to make a run for it.  
     Beep, beep, beep, beep,  Bzzzzzz!  The door unlocked, I run through.  Closing it right behind me.  Didnt want any uninvited guests in my sanctuary.  Sitting on the stairs I catch my breath, listening to the chaos unfold .  Women pleading with the rotten blights, begging they spare the children.  Those unearthly moans, truly devoid of humanity, increasing in volume, now outnumbering the screams.  The adrenaline starts to leave my body, my breathing getting ragged and suddenly on the verge of tears.  I now grasped what this was.  I had seen enough movies, not to mention all the games I play, to know this was the beginning of a zombie outbreak.  Slowly I ascent the stairs, metal club in hand.  Each step taken lightly as to not alert whatever could be up there.  I called out so should I come up and scare someone I wouldn't get a club to my head  "Hey!  If theres someone up there call 9-1-1!  We have a big emergencey on our hands!" Taking the last step, I round the office to see the slouched body of one of my coworkers in her chair.  
     "Shit!"  The swear came out more of a desparate plea.  She was no longer among the living, but not moving.  I didnt have much time, I had to get out or get rid of her fast. Looking around, I saw an air duct which would lead to the roof!  An exit!  *Thump*  Suddenly all of my joy from finding an exit was replaced with a fear most gripping.  I turned around to see Sharon rise on trempling legs, slowly slouching upwards. I couldnt hold it in, seeing that thing raise its head and look at me with those dumb unfousced eyes.  I yelped as I grabbed the stapler on the desk next to me I pleaded with her, despite knowing there was nothing to talk to in there. "Look, i'll be right on my way, you will never hear from me again."  Cocking my arm back, I throw the stapler as hard as I can.  Dead on in the chest, she falls back, but she gets right back up as unfeeling and driven as ever.  Club ready I set up, waiting for her to shamble right into striking distance.  Three, two, one.  CRRAACK!  She was down for good,  her neck broken and unable to get back up.  As I passed by her to get to the duct, I noticed she was still moving.snapping her jaws furiously at me, still undead.  Still a threat  To prevent her from attacking anyone else who may use this office as shelter, raising the club above my head, I brought it down with all of my might.  One, two, three twitches and the creature moved no more.  After I recollected myself and threw up, I had to find something to cover her.  It felt wrong to just leave her there.  Looking around the room I found a tablecloth, draping it over her body.  "I was never good at this, but you are at peace now, at least you don't have to live through this hell."  After the awkwardly short eulogy, I went for the roof via the ducts.  The vents felt like the safest place in the world, above the chaos, and not one of then could see me.   The cool breeze was tainted by the smell of fire, blood and decay.  Looking down only confirmed my fear, there were more of them.  Many more.  
      Looking over the roof, they were increasing in number, swarming from the hospital, but still coming from all over.  "Where could be safe, What would I do next?"  Scanning the area for a safe place to run to.  Home was out of the question, too close to the obviously overrun hospital.  *Bzzz bzzz bzzz*  My phone was vibrating. I answered it and before I could respond I heard screaming.  "Get away from her!  Go upstairs, Ill be there in a minute!" I screamed into the phone, but got no response.  "Where's Chris?  Make sure he-"  The phone cut off.  My parents are safe...somewhat.  Several unanswered phone calls later cinched it.  I'm all alone.  Alone in a sea of the walking dead.  I have nobody to fight for, whats left to fight and survive for?  "Myself.." I reminded myself out loud.  Negative thinking like that would get me killed faster than those things could tear me apart.  I had to start thinking, and fast.   Look for a way off this roof, one step at a time.  But first I need to sleep.  Crawling on top of an AC unit, I lay down.  The moans of the dead below, now a macabre lullaby as I slip into an uncomfortable sleep. 

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  1. I'm VERY interested in this, you're really good at pacing! I'll work on reading the rest of these in a bit.

    Good work!