My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Monday, January 3, 2011


        Making it to the roof, I take a look at the town below me, abandoned like all the others.  Looking around for a way down, I find two choices.  The fire exit I used to get up here is choked with undead, along with the alleyway below.  The only other way down was through the exit on the roof.  Headed to the roof, I prepare for the worst.  Shotgun in one hand, I reach for the doorknob.  I hesitate, prepare for what could be a hive festering with the undead.  Twisting the knob, the door gives way, the smell of decay escapes the door frame.  Taking a deep breath, I step inside the building.  The smell of decay seems to have soaked into the cement walls, quietly descending the stairs I come to the first landing.  The latch was unlocked, but something was pressed against the door on the other side, leaving the door jammed shut.  Looking back to the roof, I think about just staying there for the night, but I have to keep moving.  Several flights down I hear several thuds, along with the bleak moans of the walking dead.  Peering down one floor, I see the door to the stairwell is open, leaving several undead in the stairwell below me.  Pulling my shotgun from my back, I take a second to plan this descent out.  I'm going to need to close the door, and I'm going to have to keep moving.  Just one blast will be enough to alert the whole damn building to my presence.  Taking another deep breath I prepare myself for the assault.
             Mentally preparing myself for the run, I'm stopped by the hiss of one of the ghouls below.  Ive been spotted, no more time to prepare.  Gliding down the stairs, shotgun trained at the head of the ghoul, I make it about three steps in front of it before I pull the trigger.  A red explosion of decayed gore follows the roar of the spent shell, every ghoul in earshot is aware of my presence.  Aim and squeeze, aim and squeeze.  I take down the other two mindlessly plodding towards me before checking the hallway.  A swarm of them at the end of the hallway, but they wont be a threat.  Slamming the door shut, I press against it to make sure it latched shut.  Once securely in place, I jogged down the stairs, sound no longer an issue.  The shadows at the bottom of the stairwell were going to be an issue, seems this place has been without power for a while now.  Hearing no moans coming from the ground floor I cautiously make my way to the bottom, eyes adjusting to the shadows to check for any threats.  Seeing the stairwell was clear of undead, I check the glass door to my right, the lobby.  And that was not the way to go.  There must of been a hundred of those things in there, each in varying states of decay.  All mindlessly bumping into each other, unaware of each others existence.  Turning around I see a fire escape, wondering if the alarm was still functioning as I headed towards the steel door.  I put my ear up to the door, silence is all I hear from the other side.  I put my hand on the door, ready to push and run as fast as I can.  Hoping there was nothing on the other side.
                 Opting to keep both hands on the shotgun, I kick the door as hard as I can, the door swinging wide.  Aiming in front of me I see nothing stumbling around me, but I can hear the horde from the lobby stirring.  My rather dramatic exit had caught their attention.  I slam the door shut and I look around.  Seeing a dumpster near the door, I slide it in front of the door, trapping those rotting corpses inside the hotel.  Feeling secure in the dumpster wedged against the door, I walk away from the door, the sound of so many fists slamming into the door slowly fading the further away I got from the door.  Heading down the street, I come to a strip mall.  The stores were all looted, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out, who knows what I could find here.  Walking across the parking lot, I'm greeted by a lonely walker coming out of the closest store.  Plodding slowly, arms outstretched, I switch to my machete.  Letting the ghoul come to me, I waited until it was within reach.  Slicing clean through his neck, it dropped to the ground, head toppling after.  Looking towards the buildings I wonder how many of them are in there.  Taking another deep breath of decay filled air, I head into the nearest building, a clothing store.


  1. interesting u have a good imagination on u is it all one big story all bunch of different ones?

  2. its one big stort starting with the sprint and going back up