My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick thinking

      Stepping back from the railing, I see Brock heading in my direction.  Heading in his direction I whisper as silently as I can.  "We need to turn back, before those things know were here."  He cocks his head, not a care about the volume of his response.  "How bad can it be?"  As if to answer him, one or two moans float up at first, then they begin to swell.  My eyes widen at the sound of the collective moan that seemed to say dinner has arrived!  "Come on, come on lets get the fuck out of here.  There is no way that anyone survived on the first floor."  No longer caring about the noise, I began to run back to the stairwell, but alone.  Turning back I yell at Brock, "I'm not going to wait all day, don't make me leave you behind!"  Not waiting to see him follow, I run to the door leading to the roof.  The smell of decay that seemed to soak its self into the walls was blown away by the salty sea breeze that greeted me as I pulled the door open.  I wait as I hear the moans getting more frequent, almost angry even.  Brock begins to come down the hallway, about five feet in front of me before we hear an ear shattering scream.  Frozen in place, all I can do is watch as Brock runs back to the source.  But it doesn't take him long to come running back, almost plowing me out of the way in the process.
      Stumbling out into the frozen sunset, I slam the door behind me as quick as possible.  "...Its just the two of us now huh?"  Brock nods as he heads to the ladder.  I follow silently, he feels this was a failure on his end, I can see it.  But its not.  He wont listen to you explain it.  Making our way to the ground, the undead slamming on the door continues to intensify.  As we start to make our way from the very active nest of undead, the door we had left through mere moments ago is knocked off its hinges.  Turning around we see the undead pour through the tiny door frame, flooding the rooftop.  Several of them see us, and give chase.  This could get interesting, I think as I watch one particular zombie on the roof.  Its arms outstretched as it stumbles blindly over the edge of the roof, falling headfirst onto the frozen earth.  slowly, but surely, the rest follow suit and drop to their demise.  Either killing themselves or simply breaking their backs.  But what had e and Brock worried was the ones on the first floor, the barricades were being torn apart from the inside, and what hadn't followed us to the roof were coming for us through the windows.  "We gotta get out of here before they can follows us back!"  Taking my advice, Brock heads down the street, taking the long way back.
            About a quarter of a mile away, we stop and turn around.  There must have been a hundred of them, more still pushing their way through the broken windows.  Looking around, I see several alleys that are clear of any signs of life.  "We need to take as many as we can out.  If were lucky, the rest will freeze."  Brock readies his baseball bat, as I take the safety off of my handgun.  Fifteen in the clip, maybe two more on me.  Fuck  There wasn't enough ammo to take them all, If only we could take a chunk of them out at once.  "Hey, how good is your aim?"  Brock asked as the horde slowly slouched towards us, their moans echoing throughout the street.  "It got me this far, why?"  Rhetorical, but I asked him anyways.  He points to the cars parked along the street.  "Think you could hit the gas tank?  Risky, but it could take out a decent amount of them with a few bullets.  I didn't have time to weigh out the options, taking a moment to aim, my sight finds the gas tank.  "You have anywhere in mind to hide from the blast?" Asking as I wait for our rotting followers to shamble within the blast radius.  Too late!  the crowd begins to converge on the car, if I wait any longer I wont have a clear shot of the tank.  Taking a deep breath, I squeeze the trigger.  The blast is barely heard over the moaning of the undead, hungry and howling for my flesh.  The sound of metal grazing metal is heard at first along with a hiss, followed by the explosion I had hoped for.  The car is sent skyward, crashing down on a mob of undead.  what the initial blast didn't kill, the fires would take care of the rest.  My ears are ringing, surprisingly the undead took the brunt of the explosion.  Looking back to Brock, I smile and give him a thumbs up.  He is yelling something, but that damn ringing, I couldn't hear a thing.  Suddenly the top of my head is struck by a chunk of debris, falling to my knees, I can feel the snow soaking the knees of my pants.  So tired, just lay down.  Only for a second.  I'm having trouble staying awake, the ringing in my ears slowly fades away.  I feel myself being picked up, but I still cant keep myself awake.  Slowly I slip from the waking world as I hear a familiar voice above the ringing...

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