My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surreal surroundings

      My sight comes and goes, the feeling of snow making its way into my shoes is about all I feel.  It feels like I'm moving, but I can barely move my head.  Blood trickles down my forehead and leaves a faint trail on my jacket. Moaning, I attempt to speak, but it only comes out as a jumbled mumble.  This is not good at all, I think to myself as I fight to stay awake.  "Come on you puss, I know you can take more than that."  That voice, so crystal clear yet it couldn't be...  I try to answer back, but again I find myself unable to do more than incoherently mumble.  I hear another voice, this one deep and seemingly far away, "Come on......make......time"  I know this voice as well, but I'm having trouble remembering whose it is.  Or where I am for that matter.  My eyelids are getting heavy, but I fight the urge to slip into sleep.  Again that voice, clear as day, yet I don't know why I'm surprised to hear that voice.  "Go ahead, take a nap.  Not like you are doing anything right now."  Satisfied with the voice, My eyelids drop, and the world around me fades.
                  Waking up, I take a look around, the sun is shining and the world around me is alive.  How I got here or who I am is a mystery.    The sounds of wildlife in the nearby woods is a sound so foreign, yet so beautiful.  At the top of the grassy hill ahead of me is a girl, around my age sitting under a tree in full bloom.  Walking up the hill I feel something is off, but I cant quite place it.  "Hello?"  I call out, not wanting to frighten her.  She waves me over, but never faces me.  Making my way to the tree, I take a seat next to her, not quite knowing what to say.  As if on cue, she answers the question that I had yet to ask.  "Wow, I've only been gone for a few months and you completely forget about me?  I certainly can feel the love."   Turning around, I see her face.  It takes a moment, my memory is very foggy, but when I recognize her I feel tears well up.  "Oh god, but... You cant be.  I...I..."  Again my memory is failing me, All I know is I know her and something happened between the two of us.  Standing up, she heads down the other side of he hill, her blonde-brown hair flowing in a breeze I cant feel.  "Ouch, you really don't remember?  Looks like I'm going to have to jog your memory."  She mutters what I'm pretty sure is an insult, but I pay it no attention.  I manage to catch up to her as we come to a parking lot that just seemed out of place.   On the other side lies a grocery store.  We stop at the entrance before she turns around and asks me if this building reminded me of anything.  Taking a moment to take the entrance in, it sparks no real memories.  I take a shot in the dark. "Did...did we meet here?"  Her face is a combination of shock and anger.  "Listen buddy, we met waaaaay before you started working in this shit hole."   So, I worked here and met her way before that...  A  friend from school? Before I can ask her if we knew each other from school she walks off.  "Looks like the tour continues.  Geez, you think you would remember me"
         Once we leave the store, we walk down the road to a ransacked building.  She hops through the shattered display window as if it was no big deal.  "Did you get robbed, and I helped?"  Laughing as she walks to the back of the store, she picks up a machete and swings it at an invisible target.  "Pfft, me?  Need your help?  Well, there was one time you did help me, but that's for another time."  She drops the machete, the sound so familiar.  Looking out the window, I recognize this road and the stores on it, but I cant put a name to it.  "This is really starting to make me mad.  I know you and where we are, but I cant give you a name or a location."  I stare at the floor, so angry for not knowing something that seems to be so easy.  The girl opens a door and beckons me to follow her.  As I come to the door, I hear a radio behind the desk crackle and come to life.  As I sit there, I can make out a faint, yet strong voice.  ""  He sounds worried, and yet it sounds like hes talking to me.  " I know him?  It feels like that voice was talking to me."  I look up to see if she was still there, but she had left through the back door.  I head out the back door, not too far behind her,  my confusion only multiplied.  This is so messed up, I think.  I try to remember where I was before I woke up, but as hard as I concentrate I cant remember a thing.  "Come on, I think this may at least jog a memory or two!"  She yells at me from the distance, a large urban apartment complex looms over her.
          As we step into the abandoned building, I hear a crackle coming from the P.A. system in the lobby.  Just like in that shop.  None of this made sense, I turn around and there was nothing but downtown sprawl behind us.  That's just impossible... Noticing the noncontinuous scenery served to confuse me more, These places, the radio, and her to top it all off.  It was too much for me to take.  My head was swimming with a million thoughts, all of them leading to one thought.  "What happened to me?" I drop to my knees, hands clutching my head.  She crouches down to my level, setting a hand on my shoulder, "I... don't know what happened to you, I'm doing the best to help.  This is, how do I explain it.  This is all coming from you.  You need to remember harder."  Coming from me?  What did she mean, Im confused enough as it is.  Before I could ask her what she meant, the P.A. crackles to life and I hear that voice again.  Its clearer than the first time.  "Come on, it.  Don't .....n me.  ....p Chris!"   I wait a moment as I take in the name.  "My name is Chris?  Is he talking to me?"  Her face lights up, she pulls me back up by the hand.  "Its about time, now when you remember your name, is there another name that comes to mind?"   My face gives it away, nothing comes to mind.  She sigh, "Well, we have plenty of time to remember, but lets keep going."  We head upstairs, the intercom is crackling, but fading.  The voice seems like its a mile away, I cant make any of it out.This cant be right, I thought as I followed the girl to another seemingly impossibly placed location.

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