My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do it yourself work

      A new day had come, and I found myself alone in my sleeping quarters.  Looking out the window I see everyone is outside and tending to our perimeter.  "Looks like im late to the party."  Not particularly surprised that I am again the last one awake, I grab a bottle of water along with my machete as I head outside to join the others.  As I head down the stairs to the main area, I see a group still inside.  Taking a detour I head towards Brock to see what was going on over here.  "With Lucy and her group taking a look at the fences, we need a group to go gather supplies.  Do I have any volunteers?"  Coming up to the group I raide my hand and Brock can only stare before shooting me down.  "Im sorry kid, but you arent ready to go back out there.  I cant risk you getting hurt."  Slightly offended, I start to turn around. "Alright Brock, lets see how many other volunteers you have."  I turn around and wait a moment.  I cross my arms and tap my foot a few times before I turn back around around to see only  one other person had volunteered.  "So, you gonna let me tag along?"  A moment passes, its not quite anger but Brock isnt pleased with the thought of going alone.  His breath escapes, with a hint of irritabilitiy.  "Fine, Not like you would stay here anyways.  Todays run is a short one, there's a warehouse in this part of town that has rebar and other building materials.  Not to mention we can steal fencing from other lots to reinforce our existing fence.  We are leaving as soon as we can.  Dont want to waste daylight."  He heads towards the side door, and heads out to inform his wife of our departure.
      Stepping out into the cold, yet sunny yard, I am greeted by Lucy who has taken a break from her inspections to gives us the low down on the fence.  "So we have only a few bad spots in the back corner.  That should be an easy fix.  But what worries me is not the fence, but those behind it.  These people don't know how to take care of property, let alone themselves.  Theres maybe one or two skilled survivors here, the rest are..."  Playfully I cut her off. "A buch of executives and customer service reps?"  That stab was more towards me, but Lucy seemed genuinely disturbed by it.  "Pretty much.  We need to learn how to make for ourselves, we can only loot so much before its all gone."    She has a point, but where are we going to find such specialists now?  Turning to Lucy, I ask.  " thre a bookstore or a library nearby?  If we can't find specialists, we can make them."  Catching on to my idea, she informs me there is a bookstore nearby, "If there is nothing in the bookstore, you can always try the lib.."  She stops, and before I can pick up and ask what a lib is, Brock answers my question. "That place is a hot spot.  Too close to the Rec center.  We wait."  Point, either way we would have to cleare that area out.  "If anything we can save that for another day, but first thing first.  We need fencing supplies."  I head towards the exit before turning around.  "Uhh, which way are the supplies?"
        As I wait in the yard for Brock and the other guy to get ready, I fiddle around with my machete.  Pulling it from its sheath I inspect the edge of the blade.  It was in dire need of a sharpening.  And here I am, the teacher, with the poorly kept equipment...  I was cut short by the sound of the door opening.  Brock and the other man walked out.  "Well, lets get started.  Were heading down the road to that building there.  Thats where the rebar is.  Thats what we will worry about for now, unless we have time to scavenge for more. By the way, Chris, this is Eddie. Another new survivor we found while you were out.  Now, if you start to feel like you cant make it on your own, let one of us know and we will take you back."  Brock stresses the part where I let him know.  He still dosent think im ready, and yet neither do I.  But I cant show it.... "Aye aye cap'n."  With a sarcastic salute, I fall in behind the two as we silently head into infected territory.  A million questions pop into my head for Eddie.  But when you walk with the dead, you must focus on being as silent as you can get.  Plus, not like I couldn't ask him later when we made it back to the warehouse.

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