My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


    Reaching the top of the stairs we come to a door, leading out on top of a building.  Looking over the roof, I'm not surprised its only one story tall, I would be shocked if a door we went through went where it was supposed to go. "Am, am I dead?  Be honest with me.  Nothing here makes sense, and its only adding to the initial confusion I had when first waking up."  She stops in her tracks, losing her playful cool she turns to me and confesses.  "I don't know, there are so many things you should know but you are drawing blanks.  There is something wrong with you though.  Maybe the more you remember, the closer you will get to answering that question."  I step ahead of her, looking over the roof trying to remember what is so important about this town.  "Okay, I have been here, I did something.  But what?"  I carefully go over the town, looking in each store to see what was in it, in hopes of sparking a memory.  "Lets take a closer look."  Looking for a way down, I spot a dumpster, hopping off the roof, I land on the bin and roll to the ground.  Getting up I realize that I didn't feel a thing from my shoulder roll on the concrete.  The street ahead is abandoned, along  with all the streets.  Not knowing where to go, I check each store, many of the doors knocked off their hinges.  At the end of the road, I look to my left and see a gun store, for some reason I seemed drawn to it.  Walking in I take a look around, the walls were bare, save a couple of shotguns.  Walking over to one, I pick it up and examine it.  I have Definitely been here before.  
            Trying my hardest, I take in every detail, the counter, the ammunition islands in the middle of the room.   From the other side of the building, I see that girl watching me through the window.  I shake my head as I continue my search, what I am searching for I don't know.  Looking behind the desk, I find a key with a tag on it.  Looking at the tag, I see the writing is smeared making it illegible.  And yet....   "I think I remember this place.  But when, I don't know."  I don't know who I'm talking to.  There's nobody in the store, apart from the girl there hasn't been a person at any place I've been to.  Suddenly the door opens, and I hear the ring of a bell.  Deja vu, I think as I turn in the direction of the door.  she walks in smiling. "So, you know about this place, what about me?"  Her voice is chipper, but it loses its pep as she sees my face.  It speaks more than I could.  "Well, we still have some way to go, and to think you were the smart one..."  She heads off down the street into an alley, leaving me to think about what she said.  I was the smart one...  I head out into the alley, and from the side of the road I came from I could swore I heard something.  Something hurt...  But I had to keep going, I needed answers.   I head down the alley, but I know this alley.  I don't know what, but something big happened here.  As usual I come out of the shaded alley and emerge somewhere completely different.  Turning around, the alley was there no longer, instead replaced with a tunnel that led into a mountain side.  Puzzled, I look around to see if anything stuck out.  The road was clogged with abandoned vehicles, a modified bus among them.  "The bus....Did I ever ride this bus?"  Before I could finish the sentence, I was heading towards the bus, opening the door and stepping on board.  She playfully hops in behind me, "Hell, I dunno, we have known each other forever, but we did have our own lives..."  She trails off and stares at her feet.  Did we stop talking to each other?  No, she would still be mad... 
           Before I could ask her what happened between us, the radio on the buss begins to hum with life.  Clearer than last time I hear that voice, "Come on kid, make it.  Don't........n me."  The voice continues, but the static makes listening near impossible.  That voice, the more I think about it the more comes back to me.  In pieces at first, A rooftop covered in snow at first, followed by a another building.  This new building looks like it had seen better times, blood and broken wood lay strewn across the entrance.  But that's all I can remember for now.  Looking up at her I ask another question, hoping she would have an answer.  "What happened exactly?  Nobody has been at any of the places, and what little I can remember seems steeped in violence."  She looks at me, and for once she loses the happy go lucky attitude and sheds a tear.  "Yeah, something really...bad happened.  And like old times you came, but..."  She tries to finish her sentence, but cant control her sobbing.
          I place my hand on her shoulder and suddenly it clicks.  I came for her, I tried to be her...   Before I could finish the thought, a lead brick dropped in my stomach.  Littie sister,  I came for her, but I couldn't save her.  There was nobody around here because they were all dead.  I had been to each of these places, there was some sort of catastrophe.  "Allie..."  Merely saying her name brought it all back.  Running for my life, everybody I met along the way,   Her face lights up, "Took you long enough.  So you remember huh?"  I nod.  Now that its coming back, I find myself even more confused.  "But...but you died.  How are you here, and where are we for that matter?  Did I die?"  She wipes a tear from her eye, and takes a deep breath.  "You aren't quite dead, but you're close, I don't know how to explain it."  She leans in towards my ear as if she was going to whisper, but the voice isn't hers.  "He's moving, quick, get some water!  Come on boy, wake up!"

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