My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


          Staring into the pitch black streets only intensified the fear I had about going down there.  From all around the building I could hear the occasional scraping of feet across pavement.  The moans that float up chill me to the bone.  I don't see how Brock or Eddie can sleep through it.  After a while, you think you can get used to it.  But no, there are some things you just cant block out.  Seeing as we had a free moment, I returned to my bag, quietly pulling the contents out.  Pulling out another shirt, I put it on under my jacket I already had.  Digging deeper I find what I had originally been looking for.  Half empty, I reach in the carton and pull out another pack of cigarettes.  Even in the face of death I still smoke.  Placing the new pack on the ground, I search the side pockets for a lighter.  Pushing through spare change and empty snack wrappers, I find my lighter.  I am about to pack my cigarettes, I realize its dead quiet.  No point in sounding an alarm, Ill just pack these cigarettes!  Instead I tear the cellophane, and just pull one of the last pleasures of the old world left. Making sure to hide the flame, I light up and enjoy the smoke break.  As I inhaled the last of the smoke, I flicked the butt over the roof.  As I  put the lighter back in its slot, I hear a single moan  from what seems to be the porch below.
                     Laying flat on my stomach, I wait for more to join.  Another, far off in the distance.  Other than that it was just the one.  Must have hit him with your butt, or he saw the ember...  How exactly do the see?  Laying down, I get comfortable as I ponder the decaying predators below us.  How exactly do they work?  If they are dead, which they are, how do they sense us?  It cant be sight, For the most part, its like their eyes go cataract.  Even if it is hearing, how can they hear the smallest noises?  Pondering the subject made my skin crawl.  How could something so dead, be so deadly.  In the movies it was either a man made virus, or an alien virus.  So, who doomed the human race?  Us or our visitors?   Whatever the cause, I was just thankful they didn't run.  I wouldn't have made it this far.  Starting to fight off sleep, I turn to the east to see the first tendrils of daylight.  A few months ago I wouldn't have known that was east.  Man I sure have changed.  Waking Brock and Eddie up, I offer them a cigarette.  "Don't ya know those things will kill ya?  Don't we have enough help doing that already?"  He stares at me for a few moments then begins to laugh.  "I'm just fucking with ya, I'm more of a cigar man myself, but I wont pass it up."  I hand Brock the smoke, along with the lighter as he savors every bit of it.  Eddie declines, as he struggles to wake up.As we all woke up we discussed our method of escape.  "From what I can see, we don't have many around us.  I say we head out now and head home."  I poke my head over the roof, looking around in the dawns pale light.  There are maybe four in plain sight, we can handle them.  We prepare for the run home, I smoke another cigarette as I strap everything down on me.  Brock reloads the shotgun as Eddie stretches and grabs his hammer.  Silently we descend the ladder one by one.
                    Making our way to the street as the light shone stronger, we get a closer look at the desolated city.  Paper was scattered all over the place, along with random objects, such as briefcases, shoes, and even one of those umbrellas you would find at an outdoor eating area.  Just strewn all over the streets, with no living person to clean it up.  Eddie sneaks up behind the closes zombie and swings his hammer.  The zombie heard this, but it was too late.  As its face turned towards him, the metal made direct contact with a face, the blow shatters teeth and skull.  Dropping with a wet thud, we hurry down the abandoned street before we attracted too much unwanted attention.  Retracing our steps we arrive upon the street that will lead us home.  Peering out from the shadows, I look in the direction of the coast, then to the warehouse.  Clear on both ends.  "Come on, lets get home so I can go to bed."  I whisper as I head out into the street, running towards the main gate.  With the others right behind me, I stop at the entrance.  "Shit, its locked!  how do we get their attention?!"  I hiss as I spot the lock, firmly holding the gate together.  It would be stupid to shoot the lock, that would leave us open and attract them home.  Highly unproductive.  Brock laughs as he gently pushes me out of the way.  He twists the dial on the lock, and with a gentle pull, the lock comes undone. "Remind me to give you the code to the house later."  Very carefully, he removes the chain and the gate creaks open.   As Eddie and I head inside, Brock readjusts the chain and snaps the lock before joining us in the main hall.

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