My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Warehouse defense

      Finding several sets of keys laid on a desk by the stairs, I had to the forklift.  None of the keys had a tag, making this a guessing game.  One by one I tried as I sat in the seat of the forklift, while Brock loaded the our findings on the time saving machine.  Finally, a small silver key sank into the keyhole and clicked, the few lights on the vehicle came to life.  "Alright, lets load this bad boy up and lets get the hell out of here!" I begin to stack  the building materials on with Brock, getting the forklift loaded faster.  I get in the seat, realizing the cabin is made for one only.   "So, who's driving?"  Brock looks to me, then to Eddie.  I wouldn't mind driving, but I pass the opportunity to sit and drive.  "Ill pass, either of you wanna take it?"  I take out my machete again, hoping there were a few of the undead staggering in the streets.  I haven't killed in a while.  Is it sad that I want to kill?  As I begin to turn, Eddie meets me about halfway, "We need to go, now!  They are starting to get restless out there."  Getting the last of the materials stacked, Brock hops in the drivers seat, the forklift making less noise than any of us had thought it would.   Eddie and I head outside, several undead had made its way to the fences,rattling them in blind hunger.  "Well, ill take the two on the left, you got the others?"  Eddie doesn't wait for me to respond, as he takes off in the direction of his prey.  And that leaves, what, three for me?  Joy.  Calmly walking towards the corpse shaking the fence, it moans for my blood as I stop in front of the fence.  With one swift kick to the chest, the ghoul is placed on its back with a broken neck.  That's just the start, this could get fun...
       Making my way to the other side of the fence, I see several more stumble out from the shadows, the sun setting fast.  As I head to my next target, The fence is sent flying forward, Brock couldn't be bothered with finding an exit.  "Time to go kids!"  Brock yells as he slowly makes his way down the street.  Its easy to keep up with him, Eddie and myself following him on either side, we take any undead out as they slowly come shambling after us.  Making it to the safe house, several others ready the gates as Brock heads towards the entrance.  As Eddie made his way to the fence, several more undead come stumbling out from the alleys and streets.  "Uh, oh.  We've got trouble.  They're coming out from everywhere.  We need all the help we can get out here!"  Eddie is yelling to those in the yard, trying to get every available hand out here.  Good luck with that...  As the gates close behind Eddie, I turn to the side of the street we had come from.  There were a dozen of them there, more coming out of the alleyways.  "All right Eddie, lets see what you got."  I smile as I ready my machete, looking towards Eddie and his incoming horde.  "Hate to brag, but I think I could top what you get."  He laughs as he prepares for battle.  the moaning intensifies as more and more crowd into the street.  And to fend all these corpses off is the two of us.... great.  If this goes south, I'm bailing.    I couldn't afford to die here.  Or just die in general.
      Running towards the closest undead, I thrust my machete in the throat of the closest ghoul, severing his spine in two.  Kicking the ghoul off of my blade, I  look around to see myself being boxed in by three of the walking dead.  Blindly slicing, I send one to the ground, the gaping wound in its belly exposing long since decayed intestines.  Enough time to jump over it, get GOING!  Jumping over the squirming body, I have more room to maneuver, making the fight easier.  As I look back, the two had tripped and fallen over the ghoul I had knocked down a moment ago.  Not wasting a moment, I stomp on the head of one reaching out to me with bony fingers.  Heading back to the gate, I spot several of the undead shaking the gates more than they should have.  Picking up a chunk of concrete I send it flying into the crowd, knocking them all down.   One by one, I cave their skulls in.  Turning to Eddie, I see he is handling himself rather well.  The corpses at his feet a testament to his skill with the hammer.  The fight is going well, but I cant hold out forever.  My swings are becoming less and less lethal, and in this fight, that means death.  Out of shadowy alleys and across the street they  come.  "You look tired kid, why don't you take a breather?" Brock takes a step ahead of me, pointing to the closest ghoul.  "Get back in the warehouse with everyone else!"    I begin to protest, but he holds his hand to my face, "Just go, don't argue!"  The gate is only a good twenty yards away, as I begin to run to the gate I spot Lucy.  "Lucy!  Get everyone upstairs!  And when you go up there.  Bring my bag out here.  I'm gonna need it."  As I return to the fight, I can hear Lucy getting everybody into the warehouse before slamming the door shut.  Jamming the gates shut, I make my way back to Brock and Eddie in time to greet the next wave of undead.  "What the hell boy!  I thought I told you to get in there with everyone else!?"    Brock was livid, but I didn't care.  I'm no kid, I know what I'm getting into.  "Lucy has everyone in the warehouse, and there is no way in hell I'm hiding!"  As I ready myself for the next wave, I can only hope Lucy gets out here in time.  The moaning is echoing through the streets and it chills me to the bone, worse than the cold.

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