My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The brisk and the dead

        Heading towards the next group of undead to spot us, I feeling of some unknown kind crept up my spine.  I couldn't help but wonder if this would work.  Would we have time to keep any of those things away from our safe haven?  "Don't look so gloom, its not like you are on some kind of suicide mission."  Eddie lets out a nervous laugh as he passes me and catches up to Brock, who is too busy admiring the beauty of the automatic shot gun.  I put my machete away, my arms were too sore to swing very well.  Why be silent when we intend to draw their attention?  Hmm, last time you fired a gun, you were out for some time.  Be careful.  I realize there is quite a gap between our group.  The sun was sinking lower onto the coast, our light source was almost gone.  I had my flashlight, but who knows how dependable it was.  Picking up speed, we are about to make our first turn.  Catching up to the group, I un-holster my pistol, raising it to the shadowy alleyways.  "Lets keep a brisk pace, If it gets bad, we can hole up in one of these buildings." Brock grunted, his eyes scanning the empty street.  He was just waiting for something to stumble out onto the street, a chance to fire on the first corpse to have the misfortune of being visible.  Remember Brock, that's a rental.  You have to give it back sometime... 
         Making our way down the first street we find the streets to be rather calm.  We wait at the intersection for our undead tail to catch up.  As the first few make their way to the intersection, we wait.  Setting my sights on the crowd forming on the other side I fire into the crowd.  A rather fresh looking ghoul, a woman no older than twenty, caught my bullet in her torso.  Their moans begin to swell, they had found their dinner again.  Calmly walking down the street, we begin to lure them away from our hideout, hoping that we could lose them before we headed back.  As we came to the next intersection, we were greeted by a trio of stumbling dead, agitated by the noise and gunfire, had now found fresh meat.  "Keep dreaming!"  Brock roared as he trained the barrel of the shotgun at head level, walking towards the withered and decayed zombies.  As he came closer, he stopped before adjusting his aim and firing again. Waiting a moment for our undead tail to catch up again, I load a few loose bullets into my clip and slap it back into my gun.  "We need to hurry this up, its twilight and I don't care to be on the streets after that."  Not worrying about the group that had just caught up to us, I head down the deserted road.  I could care less about the tail, I just want to get some sleep...  Eddie waits a moment before catching up, making sure the tail knows which way we go.
          Several turns and no sunlight lead us to a dead end.  "Well, fuck.  What do we do now?"  I don't know whether I am more pissed or frightened about being lost in a city full of carnivorous corpses with no light to guide my way.  "Calm down, there's still a few buildings we can use for shelter.Follow me."  Brock heads to the first building, a single story with windows all around.  Nice choice, why don't we just lay under a buffet table?  But Brock was two steps ahead of me.  He disappears around the corner, only to pop up on the roof a few minutes later.  He tells us the ladder is on the other side, by the emergency exit.  Eddie and I race to the side of the building, before scrambling up the ladder to get off the streets and rest a moment.    Coming up to the edge of the roof next to Brock, I can see our tail of undead, who we lost a ways back, stumbling through the streets, dispersing along the way.  "Well, we lost the undead, and they are no longer a threat to the warehouse.  But we have another problem."  Eddie stares out along the horizon, barely able to make out what is on the streets.  Light isn't required to know what is prowling along below, not when the moans are everywhere.  "Well, for now lets just get some sleep.  We can worry about that in the morning."  As I unstrap my pack, I realize I have no blanket, and its quite cold.  The adrenaline leaking out of my system from the jog across town is now replaced with  shiver I cant get rid of.  Oh well, looks like you might be up all night, not to worry though.  Looks like there wont be any arguing about who will be the lookout.  Standing up, I head towards the ladder and peer into the shadows.  "You two get some sleep, Ill keep an eye out below us.  This was going to be one hell of a night.  But once we got back, I was sleeping for a day, at least.

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