My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


      Running back into the room, I find the older man on the floor, wrestling with the now undead girl, snapping wildly in an attempt to get a mouth full.  One shot sent into her skull sends the body limp as he shoves the corpse off to the side.  Sitting against the wall in the narrow hallway, his gaze is locked on the now lifeless body directly across from him.  "She..she was bit after we got into town.  I went looking for something to eat, and she insisted I took her with me."  He starts babbling, as if to admit to his hand in her demise.  "She wouldn't take no for an answer, so I took her with me.  I let me daughter get bit, I let MY daughter die!  What kind of father am I?"  Tears streamed down his face, contorted with sorrow and pain.  I crouch down to try to console him.
  "Its not easy, I know trust me.  I....I had to do the same with my sister, and several other people along the way.  But you are still alive, and that's all you can ask f.."  I am pushed into the door, my opinion is invalid as he cuts me off yelling at me, while pointing at the remains of his daughter.
  "What the fuck does it matter if I'm alive and she is dead?!  She had her whole life ahead of her, mine is already half over, I would have gladly given my life for hers!  Just, just get away from me."  He stands on unsteady legs. I know the feeling, losing the last person you have in your life.  Unsure if you can even go on without them...  His anger towards me bounces off, I know he is hurt.  I brush off the drywall off of my shoulder, before I offer my last bit of help.
  "There is a group of us downstairs, if you want we can take you to our safe house.  We will be leaving soon though."  And with that said, I leave the room and head back to the lobby.
       As my footsteps echo in the concrete stairwell, I can hear a second pair.  Heavier, and coming from a few floors above me.  I look up and see him staring down at me.  Nothing is said as we stare into each other. That man wants me dead for what I did.  cant blame him though, but he also owes you his life.  Just watch your back...  "Are you coming with us?"  I yell upwards.  He nods and continues his slow pace.  Not wanting to wait, I continue on my way downstairs.   As I make my way to the bottom floor I noticed several things.  It was getting dark, nobody was in the lobby, and I could hear shuffling coming from the outside.  Forgetting about the man trailing me, I draw my machete out from its sheath and step outside, ready to run.  Blade in hand, I am ready for a fight, but see nobody.  Wow.  Abandoned not once, but twice.  You must be a real stand up guy...  Ignoring the thought, I jog down the street and I am greeted by a few undead, several were dragging their broken bodies towards mine.  "Well this blows.  Looks like I'm alone again."  I head back to the hotel, but I don't hide inside.  Instead another idea had come to mind.  Perfect sailing weather no?  Time to continue with this journey of yours and see where it leads... I head west, towards the docks.  Forgetting all about the warehouse, about the man I just saved, everything.  Its time I went home.

     The run to the docks was frightening.  The sun had almost set completely and the dead were out in force.  It was like a nightmare you couldn't wake up from.  The moans were rising from all around, the alleyways and buildings were like deathtraps.  I was lucky though, most of the dead were so badly decayed here that it took a simple sidestep or a light swing to send them crashing face first into the broken concrete.  I continue to head towards the setting sun, hoping the next street would be beach front.  If not I needed to find a place to hide for the night.  More moans had risen behind me, my rotting tail growing larger by the minute.  Jumping over fences and dodging those undead oblivious to my presence.  After several more streets and yards crossed, I find what I am looking so desperately for.  The ocean.  That sweet smell of salt on my nostrils breathes new life into my tired body.  As I step onto the loose sand, I head out towards the dock.  The moans of the dead were drown out by the crashing of the waves onto the beach, a calm and relaxing sound.  

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