My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


      The silver light of the moon danced on the rolling waters to the left of me as I ran along the coast towards the docks.  So serene, this had been the most relaxing sight I had seen in months hands down.  But now was no time to let my guard down, the beginning of the pack had begun to come over the hill and found me once more.  The moans send shivers down my spine as I ran across the loose sand.  Running as fast as I could, I weave through the few undead already on the beach as their wet arms reached for my living skin.  For what seemed like hours I ran along the coast until I came upon the docks, much larger in person as opposed from the roof a few miles away.  Turning around I take a look at those still following me.  They have a hard time keeping their footing in the loose sand.  Good, that should slow those rotting fucks down.  I turn back and begin to head to the wooden ramp that would lead to the docks.  Climbing up, I look towards the sea.  Not too many boats left, but the ones here will suffice.  Not waiting for the undead to catch up, I run as fast as I could towards the first of the remaining boats, hoping that I didn't trap myself here...
       The first boat I come to is a rather old yacht.  Not bad old, just an older model.  I step on and head for the control room.  I find the door cracked open, I opt to knock on the door before running in.  Don't do anything stupid, you finally found yourself a boat.  I wait a moment then open the door.  Inside, I can barely make out a shadow in the chair.  Cursing myself for not bringing a flashlight, I step in the shadows, my adrenaline on full blast.  As my eyes slowly adjust to the dark I can see its the remains of a person, perhaps the boats owner, badly decayed.  Once I realize its not undead I move in closer.  The man had committed suicide, the back of his skull was all over the wall behind him.   As I toss his remains from the chair I hear a clinking noise coming from his pockets.  Oh please let that be the sound of your keys!  Taking a deep breath, I plunge my hands into his pockets, choking back vomit as I feel around for those -Bingo!-  I pull out a set of keys for the boat and turn back around to the controls looking for the ignition.  I jam the key in and twist it, bringing the boat to life.  The engine had roared to life, drowning out the moans of my followers.  I gently bring the boat out of its docking area and steer it towards the exit, freedom only yards away.  I can feel my adrenaline leaking from my system, terror replaced by the comforting feeling of safety. The moon shone brightly, making the water seem illuminated as I gently sailed in the total darkness, not knowing where any of the light switches were.  I didn't care anymore, I was free.  On my own, no body else around.  Or zombies, none here to break down a fence and come moaning for my flesh.  
     Time passes and the sun rises.  The town and what was left of its living inhabitants were long behind me.  Looking at the control panel I see many gauges that were foreign to me.  But I see something mounted on the dash that I know, and something that could save me from drifting aimlessly at sea.  Compass.  Sweet, now all I need is a GPS, if those still even work...  So long had I gone without technology that I took for granted in my daily life.  And yet I felt liberated at the same time.  No longer did I stay up until 5am surfing the web, or constantly clicking away on my phone texting like a mad man.  I rub my eyes, my energy falling fast.  I need to park this boat so I can get some sleep.  Grabbing my pistol, I open the door to the deck.  The salt air is strong, but I embrace it.  The early sunlight illuminates the deck and I see an anchor mechanism.  Walking to it, I begin to crank the wheel the chain is attached to.  Slowly the anchor descends into the dark blue abyss below, until the anchor hits the bottom.  Locking the wheel, I head to the bottom of the boat, gun ready.  As I make my way to the rather short hallway I stop and knock on the first door loudly and wait.  Nothing.  I'm alone.  I let out a sigh of relief as I head back upstairs.  Before I can get to sleep, I have one last thing left to do.
       Coming back into the captain's area, as I have begun to call it, I find the body of the previous owner slumped on the floor.  Searching the rest of his pockets I find a couple of clips for a gun, which means there could be a cache of supplies here.  The thought of it makes me smile.  This man had given me so much, I cant just toss him overboard like garbage.  I head back down to the sleeping quarters to find a sheet. After tearing the sheets off the bed down below, I come back up and wrap his body up before sending him off to sea.
I haven't fallen asleep in the sun in forever.  Let alone sleeping without someone watching my back.  I could get used to this...  The ocean breeze gently caresses my tired body as I drift off into sleep.  The thoughts of what lay ahead were oddly optimistic, yet it felt good to think positive.  

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