My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hotel bound

       We step out into the chill dawn light, ready for anything.  Brock and two others stand at either side, tense and ready for a fight.  "We don't know what we will run into.  If anything happens, we meet back here at dusk."  Brock stares ahead, and turns back before finishing. "Should you find yourself unable to return by then, just find your way to a rooftop, Ive told the watchers to keep an eye out on the rooftops."   I nod, the rest verbally acknowledge Brock as he heads to the gate.  After we step out onto the deserted street, he locks the gate up and takes the lead.  As we head down the street I begin to think to myself, you know, this could be the perfect opportunity to leave.  You know where the boat is at, why not just happen to get 'separated' from the group, wait till night to take the boat north?  You know firsthand how dangerous it is on the streets these days...  I shake the thought away, and pick up my pace to match the rest of the group.  Aside from Brock, I don't know how any of them fare against a group of undead.  I had never scavenged with any of them, so this should be interesting.   "So what are we doing here anyways?  Why are we risking our necks to investigate a light?"  A rather annoyed voice whispered behind me.  I turn around to see the face of our cook.  His face looked like it had been squished into the center of his head.  I never learned his name, but opted to call him squishy face.  Well, not to HIS squishy face.  
"Because, lights mean people.  Unless you think the undead made a fire or learned to use a flashlight."  I didn't even attempt to disguise the healthy dose of sarcasm.  I hear a scoff and nothing more as we make our way up town.

        By the time we reached the building, the light in the sky had lightened considerably since we began.  Our trek so far had been uneventful.  Trash and corpses had been left to rot on the streets.  The smell was fairly unpleasant the further we were from the compound.  The occasional coastal breeze at least cut the smell of rot with the refreshing and somehow calming scent of ocean.  The closer we get to the building I notice all of the bodies around  this building had been executed rather cleanly.  I look at the body of a female zombie in particular.  The front of her skull had been somewhat perfect, if you don't count the grey and patchy skin, except for a tiny hole right between the eyes.  There was somebody here, someone with good aim.  Looking up to the deserted windows, I shudder at the thought of somebody looking at me through a scope.  "We need to hurry inside.  There may be a sniper out here and id hate to be a target."  I whisper, not wanting to draw gunfire and the undead to us.  As I take in the once grand building, I see what I had seen all over.  Failed safe houses.  Dead bodies littered the floor, all half eaten and in various states of decay.  I shutter as the smell of death had intensified the further in we went.
  "All right, look sharp.  Ill stay here as a lookout.  The rest of you, head upstairs and look for the source of light.  Any problems head back down here.  Remember, we head out before dusk."  Brock turned back to the entrance and leaned up against a support pillar.  Well put, Looks like I'm heading up.. 
"Ill take the top five floors, when I'm done Ill come down and let you know what Ive found."  I sigh as my pace picks up and I run towards the stairwell to the side.

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