My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


     The room was silent as we were led in, nobody there would come near us.  In the center we stood, surrounded by the law of this building.  We were trespassers and anything could happen, yet I see in the faces of those across the room from me people just as scared as I was.  They had lucked out in living where they did.  Thats they only reason they survived and they know it.  Looking at us I see they have many questions, silently whispering to each other while keeping their eyes on us. Getting impatient at the waiting I clear my throat, looking towards the other survivors.  Still nothing, they look up only to return to their silent musings.  "This is fucking ridiculous." I hear Jason whisper as he exhales impatiently. "I'm getting really fucking tired of waiting," I whisper back.  Turning my head to the group I raise my voice so it fills the room, "Excuse me, hi.  I hate to sound ungrateful, but you obviously have questions.  I can see that.  But can we get this started already?"  Their whispers come to a halt.  All eyes on me, including the guards.
       "It seems only the rude survived" I hear an older woman snap back, "We do indeed have questions, but we don't know where to start.  Thats what we are trying to decide." she continued.  The look on her face is one of pure contempt.  Tired of waiting for the first question I reply to her venom filled retort. "Well I figured the beginning would be an awesome place to start, but what do I know?"  Not giving her time to snap back, I begin recalling my adventure so far.  Leaving no detail out so they get the severity of this new world they live in.  After my story is finished, the others regale the apartment owners of their tales of survival.  "I...I had no idea it had spread that far.  To be honest with you, we thought it was an isolated event."  A younger man in the group stammered.  Putting his hand to his mouth  he zones out, staring deeply ahead.  "Well we have heard from everyone in your group, except for the miserable looking kid." another man, much larger than the rest of the group.  I look over and notice Steve was still in his clothes he was picked up in, although showered. He looks toward the fat man and opens up.
       "Thanks fatass, I was hoping you would pass over me.  If you must know, I was living in Pensylvania when this began.  I was in class when our professor got a call in mid lecture." Taking no joy from reliving his travel, he continues.  "The professor dismissed us immediately after hanging up and we were told to return home if we could, if not return to our dorms.  So I got in my car and began to drive home."  He takes a moment to stop.  At this point its hard to tell if hes angry or depressed.  His hands are balled up and hes having trouble looking anyone in the eye.  "  About ten minutes outside of my town traffic begins to back up, cars honking and people swearing.  I look to the rear view mirror I see a family two cars behind me freak out and dart from the car, leaving their son strapped to the car.  Furious I turn my car off and get out, swearing at the top of my lungs, telling them to come back for their kid or I would come after them myself." A tear begins to well up.  "I get close to the car to try to comfort the kid until I see him.  He was definitely not well.  He was pale and snarling like an animal.  I'm embarrassed to say I jumped back, having a child scare me like that."  Looking towards the group for the first time, his eyes are welling up but no tears stream down. "I heard them before I saw them.  Looking towards my car I see them engulf the cars, surrounding them as they force their way in open windows.  I ran to my car, hoping to get in and drive away."  Wiping his tears he continues. "It hit me before I get to my car.  I have nobody left.  Nobody to hide with. Nobody to fight for.  Nobody...." He trailed off, looking at the ground.  His tears streaming at this point.  "I ran, ran as far as I could, into the woods.  I ran for what seemed for hours before I came to a barn.  In the middle of nowhere.  I climbed in and awaited death.  But then those two showed up."  He said, jerking his head toward Carmen and Jason.  Steven was on the edge of a breakdown and I could tell.
            "Oh..." Was all the large man could say as he thought of something comforting to say.  "Well you're safe, thats whats impor-"  He was cut off by a now furious Steven.  "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IMPORTANCE?!"  He was livid, face was red hot.  "While you sat here, doing nothing , on your fatass, there are others out there literally FIGHTING to FUCKING SURVIVE!"  Turning to leave a guard tries to stop him with threats of violence.  "Threatening will do you nothing, I await death." He said, pure contempt in his voice.  Pushing the guard out of his way he leaves the room.  Carmen looking distraught grabs my arm and pulls me out of the room. "We need to follow him, trust me!"  The urgency in her voice sent a chill up my spine. I could hear the murmurs growing as we left the room.  As we enter the hallway Carmen looks to the side and sees the door shutting.  "Hes taking the stairs, please baby don't do what I think you're doing." She pleaded as if he was there.  Oh no.  I had put two and two together.  I just hoped I was dead wrong as we headed upstairs towards the roof.


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