My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frozen cemetery

     I awaken to the sight of snow pelting the window I fell asleep next to.  The mountains were beautiful, not a zombie to be seen.  I rummage through my bag to grab a cigarette, not quite awake but awake enough to know I want one.  Lighting up I crack the window and watch the smoke disappear instantly, sucked out into the cold landscape beyond the window pane.  Looking around, some of the group are asleep, except for Rich.  Getting up I take a seat behind him and start to talk.  "So how did you guys end up here in Colorado?  I figured if anything it would have been straight north to Canada for you guys."  He looks in the rear view mirror and catches my eyes.  "Well, I was on the road when Chelle called.  I was in Arkansas heading home from my last run, and at first I thought she was messing around.  You know how she is."  I look back to see Chelle sleeping, her daughter lay next to her fast asleep.  Rich continues, "But she convinced me otherwise, I pulled over on the road and hit all the lights and locked the doors.  I hid until the came to me.  It was three days before they got there, two days after the undead came through.  I peeked out every once in a while hoping to see them, but all I saw was death, panic, and fear.  They finally came about dawn the third day, I was beginning to think they hadn't made it.  Until I heard the crunch of cars being shoved out of the bus' way." He laughs at the thought, but loses his happy demeanor.  "I was so hungry when they came to get me.  A bag of chips and a drink only last for so long.  I'm glad they came when the did."  His attention is fixed solely on the road ahead.  Which was for the best, as I couldn't see where snow began and the road ended.  "I'm gonna let you get back to driving, I'm gonna see if anyone else is awake."  Before getting up I put my hand on his shoulder and continue. "Its good to see somebody else made it out of all this."
                 Nobody else is awake.  I head back to the back of the bus and sit down, my thoughts dragging me in a million different directions.  But they always came back to Kat.  Why did she leave?  Why didn't she tell me or leave me a note?  I look up to see everyone is still asleep.  And I see Rich signaling me to the front of the bus.   Getting up I make my way forward as he comes to a gentle stop.  "There's something in the road.  You wouldn't mind going out there and seeing if you can move it?"  Nodding I go back to get my jacket and machete.  Suiting up he opens the door.  "if I'm not back in five minutes, wait five more." I laugh as I step out into the wintry scenery, hating and loving the cold at the same time.  Right away I lose concentration and get lost in the scenery around me.  The mountains around me are so beautiful, I could stay here for days.  The snow capped peaks all around are the example of natural beauty, pearl whitecaps on top of almost blue rock standing out from the grey skies above.  I shake myself back to reality, and look at the road to see a large mound of snow in the middle of the road.  About waist high to me, it has no recognizable shape.  I Take my machete and begin to scrape the powder like snow off until I hit ice.  The more I scrape off the more disgusted I get.  At first I can only see what I believe to be a rock, until I clear away more snow to reveal a body.  The grey skin of the undead frozen under what seemed to be a couple inches of ice.  I make my way back to the bus, I needed something heavy.  Upon getting back on the bus I see a few more have awakened, confused as to why we were not in motion.  "Do we have a hammer, or a sledgehammer?"  I ask, popping my head in the bus.  "Theres a pile of those things out there, frozen.  I want to smash their skulls in before doing anything else."  I hear skidding against the floor to see a hammer stop a few feet in front of me.One of the few I did not recognize had slid it towards me.  
       Leaving the bus, hammer in hand I return to the pile.  The more snow I brush off the more disgusted I am.  This was a dump site, corpses piled on top of each other.  I find the first exposed skull and swing with all my might, shattering ice, bone, and brain.  I begin to look at those in the pile, all had been executed.  Getting up I take my machete along the ground, finding the odd bump in the road every couple of feet.  This was the site of another check point.  There are still bodies trapped under all the snow and ice.  I  get back on the bus to tell everyone, and tell rich to swing around the pile.  Most likely we will run across another pile like this, buried and forgotten.  A testament to those lost along the path to safety.  Making our way to the top of the hill we spot a camp fire towards the base of the next peak.  Our road will bring us right by the fire.  Looking ahead Rich speaks up.  "I say we wait here for the fire to go out.  I dint want to risk anything."  Smart move Rich, I think as the sun begins to set, almost obscured by the mountains ahead

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