My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Friday, November 26, 2010

The competition

      After looking at the map for a good half hour and looking at every road that led through the mountains, we found a road that was up the chain a few miles that didn't look like a major road.  Starting the bus, we made our way past the subdivisions.  Looking towards the houses I ask Chelle, "Say, while in town did any of you see any other survivors?  Possibly a girl with reddish brown hair?"  There was a hint of desperation in my voice, Chelle knew me well enough to know that tone.  "Whats her name?"  She asked, skirting around my main question.    I hesitate, why I don't know.  "Kat, her name is Kat.  She helped me when I got into town about a week ago.  After wandering through the woods, I fell down a hill and banged up my chest.  Without her and every one else's help, there is no way Id be around now."  I lift my shirt to show my bandages, the bruise now a pale yellow below my armpit.  I lower my shirt, realizing how much easier it is to move now.  "I woke up today and everyone was gone.  No note or anything.  I looked all over town before giving up. hadn't happened to see anyone did you?"  I look around to see if anyone would speak up.
          Nothing.  Of course, the one girl that I would fall in love with would disappear into thin air...or into the stomach of a zombie.  No, don't even think that.  Shes alive, and shes with everyone else.  Chelle sees me zoning out and snaps me out of it.  "He-llooo!  We need to be getting out of here.  I don't want to be eaten here.  Or anyone else for that matter."  Coming back to it, I realize dwelling on it was pointless.  Looking towards the front of the bus I ask her where we are going.  it was her father that answered.  "There's a road a couple of hours from here that goes through the mountain, no tunnels."  He gets up from his wife and granddaughter's seat and  heads to the drivers seat.  I turn to her mother, "Have I mentioned that I missed you guys since I got here?  If not, I missed you."  Laughing as the car started, I feel it again.  That feeling of normalcy.  Like life before all of this, except with zombies and crammed into a bus.
        Coming up the hill, Rich stops the bus, killing it immediately.  "Well, I can plow through the barriers no problem, but as for the vehicles, well have to move them ourselves.  Who wants to go on a field trip?"  Laughing as he looks back he waits for a volunteer.  "Well if none of you are going to hop up, I could use a good stretch."  I laugh sarcastically as I make my way to the front of the bus.  before I make it to the door I hear someone else get up, "I gotta see how you hunt, I mean you made it this far."  Chelle says, shouldering her shotgun.  Looking back, I grin.  I hop off the bus and take a look around.  Nothing on the hill, but below us there is a checkpoint of sorts.  The military had been here.  Where they are now is beyond me.  I pull my handgun from its holster, undoing the safety as I silently head down the hill.  Not waiting for Chelle to catch up I make my way towards the nearest trio of shuffling dead, stopping long enough to aim at the first withered skull and fire. Dropping the trio I hear Chelle catching up towards me.  "Not bad, looks like you held up well. My turn now."  That menacing grin of hers slowly cracked across her face as she cocked her shotgun.  Walking towards a clearing she fired her gun in the air, the shot echoing loud.  One or two of the creatures heard her call at first, followed by every walker in the checkpoint.  "Ready?  If not, too bad!"  She walks to the closest one, unloading the buckshot in its jaw, crudely yet efficiently dispatching the now disfigured corpse.
     Like old times, this quickly became a race to one up each other.  I holster my handgun and pull my machete out, ready to slice whatever unfortunate corpse came my way.  Finding a dragger, I calmly make my way to the undead torso.  As I line up my swipe without fear of it pulling me down, I slice his head from his shoulders.  Yelling for Chelle, I grab it by the hair, tossing the skull up only to kick it, sending it splattering into a concrete barrier.  Before the thrill from the kill could sink in I heard that voice again.  "This isn't a fucking game, why are you suddenly acting like some barbarian?  You need clean kills, no need to get infected by playing I'm better than you!"  My 'other side' as I began calling it now made a point.  This is how fuck-ups are made, and those spell death for me and possibly those around me.  Recollecting myself from the sudden wave of insanity that came over me, I return to the clean up at hand.  About an hour of luring and exterminating, we clear the checkpoint.  "So, now begins the fun part.  Now we have to clear a path through the gate so we can drive through."  I sigh as I wipe my machete off on the shirt of  an unfortunate zombie.  Looking around I was reminded of a rather large scale tetris
              "Whew, now we get back on the bus and take a nap." I said between breaths.  dispatching the undead took a toll on you.  Top that with pushing cars off the road wiped you out.   "Amen, you and me are going to sleep good tonight."  as Chelle knocked on the bus door, waiting for it to swing out so we could rest, safe from any rotting hands that wanted nothing more to tear us apart limb from limb.  The bus started up, roaring to life in the otherwise silent landscape.  We pass through the checkpoint, crushing a wooden barricade under us as we rolled on towards the mountains.  The rumble of the engine and the chatter of the rest of our crew lulls me into a deep sleep.

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