My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the town

     Climbing down the pole, machete in hand I scan the alley I landed in.  Other than an overflowing dumpster in need of emptying, I was alone.  I check both ways before exiting the alley, not wanting to alert any of the undead that may be mindlessly shuffling in the streets.  Clear, I jog down the street.  Stopping at the corner of an old brick building.  Slowly I peek across the corner.  Seeing nothing in the windows of the shop across the street except for a few dusty pairs of clothes on a headless mannequin.  I had to double check, I swear I saw it move.  After calming my nerves I sneak across the street, constantly looking back hoping that there was nothing there.  Down the sidewalk, there is blood splattered against the grey sidewalk and on the bricks to my side.  This place fared no better than anywhere else at this point.  It was dark and coagulated, having been there for at least a few days if not more.  Peering down the alley in between stores I see nothing move so I quickly pass by onto the next building.  My senses on overdrive I hear something fall over, sounded like a few streets down.  Followed by a scream and moans of the hungry dead.  No time to stop or over analyze it.  Looking across the road at the alley I find it clear.  Running across the street to get a better view of the alley next to the hunting store, I peer down and see nothing.  Nerves calmed a little bit I run back  across the street, heading to the door of the hopefully well stocked hunting store.
       Coming to the door I see them in all of their shiny glory.   Guns of all size and caliber.  Now, before all of this, the most I knew about guns was that I wanted one.  Opening the door silently I creep in and take a look.  Not only are there rifles, shotguns and any other gun I could want.  I find all sorts of carrying equipment, jackpot.  Hopping over the display cases I look for a key to the cases, not wanting to break it and sound a dinner alarm for every one of those things in earshot.  Upon closer observation of the desk, I find a key ring under the cash register.  Scooping the keys up I unlock the case with the shotguns.  Grabbing several I set them on the counter, heading to the rifle case.  After grabbing two of the rather large and heavy rifles I proceeded to the ammo in the center case.  Unlocking it I begin to pile boxes of ammo for the two new guns, not to mention bullets for the handgun I was carrying.  After stacking everything I needed on the floor I begin to search for bags to carry all of this.  Spotting the carrying cases for the guns I bring them over to my supply pile and zip them up, putting  the cases on to test the weight and adjust the straps to my size.    After strapping everything up I realize I have no space for the ammo in these cases.  I begin to panic.  Then I thought, "Why put all the guns up, when I can play with nice new toy"  Grinning I pulled a shotgun out and stuffed all the ammo I could carry in the shotgun case, loading the shotgun with what shells were left in the display case.  Cocking the shotgun gave me a rather large confidence boost.  "Hell yeah, lets make some zombie fertilizer."  Feeling rather bad ass I head out, having to readjust the ammo case before going too far.
     Opening the door rather quickly, I hear a bell ring and I freeze.  Oshitoshitohshit.  It rang loud in the otherwise desolate streets, serving as an alarm to my presence.  Looking towards the grocery store I see a group of about ten or twelve heading my way, blocking my straight shot to safety.  Panicking I cross the street and head to the alley, shotgun in hand.  The alley I chose was luckily clear.  Running as fast as I could with all this extra weight I shoot out of the alley only to find this street just as crowded.  Closing in on me from all directions I aim the shotgun to the closest trio and pull the trigger.  BOOM!  The buckshot sent the trio flying backwards, knocking a few zombies behind them down.  The kick was terrible, but I was going to have to get used to it.  Running down the street as I pumped the shotgun, a smoking shell dropped behind me as I ran.  A few yards down I see more of them pouring out of the alley, too close for my comfort.  Stopping I aim the the alley, firing the shotgun I feel the kick and hear the mighty boom as the undead in front of the barrel go flying backwards, smashing into the wall behind them.  More pouring out of the alley across the street.  Panicking I weave past them, pumping another round in the chamber.  Coming to the next intersection I see the grocery store ahead, the pipe that would lead me to my freedom, several more of the towns once living population coming down the street, about to cut me off from my escape.  Adrenaline pumping I point the shotgun at the crowd, pump and squeeze, pump and squeeze.  Barely feeling the kick, I empty the gun on the crowd, effectively cutting the horde down and clearing my route.  Running to the pipe I see one lone zombie stagger towards me, directly in front of the pipe.  Pumping one more time I squeeze, but nothing happens.  Empty, ohshitohshit!  About five feet in front of me, I panic.  In a split second, I flip the gun around yelling like a madman, and send the butt crashing into the creatures face.  Effectively caving in his pale and bloody face.  Dropping like a sack of bricks, I begin to climb up the pole, shotgun awkwardly held under my arm as I shimmy up the pole.  the weight of the supplies I gathered really starting to wear me down.  Grabbing the ledge of the rooftop I fling the shotgun upwards, accidentally hitting a sleeping Jason.  "What the shit?!  Are you trying to kill me!" I heard as he leaned over the edge, offering a hand to pull me to safety.
      After getting up I drop the newly acquired guns and grin.  "Merry Christmas, no need to thank me!" Packing the guns in the helicopter I ask, "Did you get enough sleep?  If not oh well!  We may need to scram."  I point to the streets below, now swarming with the undead my firefight attracted.  "Point made, Ill warm up the bird."  Jason was already in the cockpit and starting it up before he could finish his sentence.  Lifting up I look out the window, seeing how many had heard me made me shiver, there were hundreds of them below, their moans loud enough to be heard above the whirring blades.  "You are quite the popular guy, look at all of your followers!" Jason laughed as we sailed over the horde, and onward to an area hopefully less populated by the walking dead. Now that I was safe, I could feel the adrenaline leaking out of my system.  I was tired, and my shoulder had never been more sore in my life, leaning against the window I close my eyes.  drifting off into a heavy slumber as the trees and roads flew under us.

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