My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Monday, November 29, 2010


      We waited in the bus for what seems to be forever.  The fire had gone out slowly over the course of a day, but nobody was seen putting it out.  Rich starts the bus and slowly makes his way down hill.  Once we make our way across the frozen roads, we see another failed checkpoint.  So many blockades had fallen, but whether to the undead or the weather is a mystery.  The roads were clear, so driving through was no problem at all.  But the sides of the road were a different story.  Tents were collapsing due to the weight of the snow on top of them, bodies half-buried in the snow. It seemed like the more I traveled, the less hope I had for a safe zone of any kind.  But still I need to continue, if I give up and die then what was the point of fighting?  I'm beginning to think there really is no point, even if I do make it home Ill just be fighting the undead until I'm dead.  Or worse.  I shake the thought of being just another walking corpse fast.  I Was so deep in thought I didn't feel the bus stop or hear the engine stop, Chelle tapping my shoulder brought me back to the real world.  "We need to raid for supplies, you want to help?"  She whispers to avoid waking any of the sleeping crew.  Getting up I look for my equipment, reaching for my shotgun.  "Yeah, Ill be out there in a minute."  Putting on my jacket and strapping my machete to my side I head for the exit.  Who knows, maybe I'll find something better to eat than a bag of crushed chips.  I let out a little chuckle as I hop off the bus.  The wind blows across my face, numbing my nose almost instantly.  Peering into the white abyss I see Chelle's shilouette in the distance, I jog to catch up to her.
             "Man, this place didn't hold up too well."  She looks around to and sees the bodies.  There are some that appear to be zombies, but for the most part they were all  uninfected.  They just couldn't make it in this environment.  "Well their loss is our gain, lets loot and leave."  I harshly respond.  I didn't want to be out here much longer,  I didn't want to end up like the countless people half buried in the snow.  "We should split up, bring all of our findings here and bring it back to the bus."  I point to the left half of the desolate camp, "Ill take this side, if either one of us run into trouble, meet here.   We can still see the bus, and if it gets bad well forget about the supplies."  I make sure she gets the plan before I head off to search the tents on the left  half.  "Right, If you find medicine, that's top priority.  One cold can wipe us all out, let alone trying to fight while sick."  Chelle makes a good point.  If only I had kept some of the medicine I found before meeting....  "Kat..."  It comes out a whisper, lost over the whipping mountain winds.  Before I could say anything else, Chelle heads off in her half of the camp.  I take a few moments to reload my shotgun before stepping into the first tent, ready to blast anything that moved.
                  The tent was desolate, a hole in the cloth ceiling made apparent by the pile of  snow on the ground.  making my way to the back I see a few cardboard boxes in the corner, Taking the top box off the stack I open it.  The box was packed with MRE's.  Score.  Checking the other boxes I Find the same thing.  One by one I take the boxes back to the main area, seeing no boxes from Chelles side I get worried.  After I set the last box down, I head to her side and call out for her.  "Chelle, where the hell are you?  This isn't funny!"   The wind begins to pick up, unable to see too far ahead of me, I duck in the first tent to find Chelle looking through boxes looking disappointed.  "Whats taking you so long?  Ive got three boxes of food waiting in the main area."  Lowering my gun I head over to see what she found.  "Its clothes, don't get me wrong we need more warm clothes.  But its not medicine!  Shit!"  She gets frustrated and storms out of the tent, heading to another to continue her search.  I figure its best to let her cool down as I return to my half and continue to check out the other tents.

      As soon as I round the corner, I see Chelle bringing a box to add to the pile.  Making my way to her, I call out as to not scare her and end up with a chest full of buckshot.  "Hey, lets start bringing theses back to the bus.  I'm ready for some food and sleep!"  Laughing she picks up a box and heads to the bus.  Upon entering we are greeted by several more who had decided to wake up.  Chelle sets her box down and begins picking volunteers.  "You, and you come with us, we need extra hands to get this all in the bus."  not waiting to hear any arguments, she turns around and heads back to the camp.  About an hour later we get the bus loaded up and we are heading out on our way.  Sitting down, the heat from the bus brings the life back to my face, and I suddenly get very tired.  Leaning my head on the window I close my eyes, the last thing I clearly see is Chelle distributing MRE's to everybody before drifting off into a deep and troubled sleep.

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