My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


  Upon landing on the roof, we were greeted by a group of survivors.  And by greeted, I mean welcomed with firearms.  Hooray! "Jason, Lock this bird up tight and hide that key.  Id hate to be stranded in St. Louis."  Kicking myself inwardly for noticing the sign.  "You and me both honey, I want to keep going until we see more humans than zombies" Carmen added as she zipped up her bag and put it out of sight, hoping they weren't greeting us with the intent of stealing our ride or supplies.  The bird powering down, the group of gun toting survivors approach the helicopter.    Instinctively my hand reaches for my gun.  Still almost a full clip, not bad for making it across five states.  They come to the door, hitting it with their rifle butts.  "Get out slowly, and don't make any sudden moves!"  Their faces were all covered, bandannas.  One of them even looked like it was a napkin from one of those semi-fancy restaurants.  I laughed a little inside, until they cocked their guns.  Funny moment over.
      Slowly, one by one, we leave the chopper.  Jason had managed to sneak the key in his pocket while they waved  their guns at Carmen and I.  Nicely done dude, I thought as I kept my eyes on the gun in front of me.  We were led down a couple of floors and led into a hallway.  "Alright, listen up.  You are in quarantine as of now.  You are not allowed to leave for a twenty-four hour period, for the safety of us mainly.  Can't be too sure if you're clean or not, heh."  The man with the red bandanna laughed as he herded us into our separate rooms.  "Two bedroom apartments for each of us?  Saweeet!"  Jason was thrilled.  Who was I kidding, I was too.  My own apartment, the thought of a shower and god forbid a change of clothes.  I was willing to overlook the welcoming committee.  I was led to my room,  In between Jason and Steven.  Once in I take a look around, nice furniture, window with a view of the hell unfolding below.  I grab the curtains and pull them closed.  "No depressing thoughts now.  You finally have a nice place" saying as I looked around for the bathroom.  -Bingo!-  Luckily there was still power as I flipped a light switch that lit up the bathroom.  Towels soap and shampoo, how I have missed you I thought as I shut the door.  Even being locked in this place for a day and I was still worried about someone sneaking a peak at me in the shower.  Laughing as I tested the water to see if that was still running.  Running and heated, how about that!  I lucked out, if you can call it that. After taking the relaxing and cleansing shower I hop out and towel myself off.  Next step, look for some clothes.  
      Searching for the master bedroom in nothing but a towel was scarier than it should have been.  Stumbling upon the master bedroom I flick the light on, and head towards the closet.  Looking through I see for the most part I could wear these clothes. "Aw, hell.  I would be staying in a stuck up suits house."  My uniform sucked, but I don't think a three piece suit was ideal for the zombie killing business.  "Come on casual clothes....Bingo!" Having found his jeans I look through to see if there were any that caught my eye.  And one stuck out above all.  This man owned a bike, no other reason to have kevlar jeans.  No such luck with a kevlar jacket, oh well.  I continue to dig through his closet in an attempt to find a shirt to my liking.  Even in the zombie apocalypse i'm a vain son of a bitch.  After a while I find a long sleeved shirt and tee to throw on top of it.  Feeling much better I head back to the bathroom to get my shoes and equipment.  Re equipped I head to the living room and re open the curtains.  The sun was beginning to set.  Good thing we were stuck in these luxurious prisons, sure as hell beat sleeping on the roof.   Beginning to feel a bit restless I head to the wall and begin to knock.  "Jason, you there?"  Nothing.  "Maybe hes on the other side and cant hear me.  Or maybe hes enjoying his shower as much as I did" I laughed a bit, but was still worried.  He had the keys, and therefore my way out.
     Dwelling on anything wouldn't make a difference.  I decided to try to go to sleep for the night, but as I laid on the couch about to close my eyes. I  heard a knock, followed by the door opening.  I turn around to see the man with the bandanna walking in, gun in hand.  "Come on, were taking you upstairs.  We have questions that need to be answered." Motioning for me to follow, I shrug as I slowly follow his lead.  I am rejoined by the rest of the group.  Grinning like a kid he looks at me.  "I see you found the shower and fresh clothes as well.  This wasn't half bad!" Carmen looking much better, "I found some nice clothes, and even some make up.  Its like life before all of this!"  We were all in high spirits despite being held at gunpoint.  Except for Steven.  Although he took advantage of the apartment, he took no joy in the little bit of normalcy that we were given.  Oh well his loss.  Upon arriving on the top floor, the rooms seemed to be much bigger.  Being led to the room in the middle, we were briefed on what we were in for.  "Listen up, we pulled you out of quarantine because we believe you to be uninfected.  And we want to know how it is outside.  Its been a week, and you were the first survivors we have seen." the guard said, pulling his bandanna down as he opened the door as we were led in.

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