My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


       Several days had come and gone, and when Kat wasn't raiding the town below we were together.  Almost inseparable.  My ribs were still killing me and Alaska was almost the last thing on my mind.  Unable to go below and help with gathering, I stay up and help cook and take care of the other survivors.  Maybe I had finished running, but a part of me was waiting for this good fortune to come crashing down.  But until then I was here until I could move about on my own.  Surveying the town below I see there is an increase of activity since I arrived here, the undead wander the streets in groups of three or four every other street.  Popping another pain killer, I look to the mountains.  My halfway marker looms in the distance.  Pushing the thoughts of leaving to the back of my mind, I head back towards the middle of the rooftop.  I head towards the bridge and stop, I hear something in the distance.  Whooping and hollering, followed by a hail of gunfire.  "This doesn't bode well.  We have to stay hidden."  I think as I jog back to the main rooftop.
          "Finding Will I tell him about the noises I heard coming from the woods. "Cant be too sure, not everyone can be trusted.  Ill gather everyone and let them in on whats going on."   Will seems to know this drill.  He gathers everyone and explains the situation, putting out the fire on the stove.  The rooftop is dead silent.  "Will, were missing a few people..." Kat is down below!  I begin to panic.  "Will,is there any way to get a hold of them down there?"  I'm peering over the edge of the roof, hoping to find her wandering the streets.  I begin to look for my equipment, looking for my handgun.  "Will, you keep an eye on everyone up here, I'm going to try and bring them back before whoever they are get in town.  I shouldn't bee too long."  I find my handgun, taking the spare handgun rounds and refill the half empty clip.  I grab a spare clip just in case.  Will looks to me and asks, "But... do you know where they are?  You cant just run in blindly, that's a sure fire way to get yourself killed.  Or worse."  I appreciate the concern Will, but I've sat idle for too long.  I cant sit by and wait for something bad to happen.  Ill be back, I mean my equipment is all here."  Looking around I forget where I had been brought in.  thinking back, my memory fades in and out.  Looking around I find what I'm looking for.  "Take care of everyone, ill be back with them in a while."  Heading the hotel room I make my way to the main lobby.
       I leave the ruined lobby and walk onto the streets, littered with broken glass.  Looking around me, I find the block to be clear of any threats.  The crunch of broken glass beneath my shoes echoes around me, not a sound can be heard.  "Kat!  Anybody?  We gotta get back to the roof now!"  I shout at nobody in particular, hoping they're nearby.  A moan rises from behind a car parked on the side of the street.  Limping towards it, gun raised, I find a one of those things.  No lower body, it drags its self on the concrete towards me, the moan just as feral as the rest of them.  I pull the trigger, obliterating its head, leaving nothing but a torso on the road. The recoil is killer on my chest.  I cant do this, I thought as the pain paralyzed me for a moment.  After a few short breaths I hear more gunfire down the road, I look up to see the trio running towards me, Kat in the lead.  "You...we gotta get upstairs.  There are others coming, we gotta hide."  I drop to my knees.  This pain is too much.  I'm glad I wasn't surrounded otherwise I would be dead.  Kat grabs my arm and picks me up, supporting me as we made our way to the hotel.  "What the hell is wrong with you?!  You cant be out here, you haven't had enough time to recover!"  She was livid with me, but I was just happy to hear her voice.  Even if it was an angry tone.  We make our way through the hotel as I inform them about the sounds coming from the woods, and towards the town.  "Just being cautious, don't want anyone... getting hurt."  Its getting hard to concentrate.  I was never one to handle pain, and its obviously showing now.  Kat steers me towards the window with the bridge, she takes one look at me and takes a stab at my last statement.  "I think you threw caution to the wind when you came down here looking for us."  Touche Kat, but I do crazy things for the people I want to protect.  "Lets just say... lets say you're worth it."  Making it to the roof,  I collapse.  Unable to see straight, I soon lose sight, then consciousness.

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