My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Monday, November 15, 2010

On foot again

After a short rest, Jason was ready to continue west.  Which was good, I never sleep when he does.  And I was exhausted.  Packing up the supplies and what meat we had managed to cook, the helicopter took off.  The land below us began to rise and fall, hills rolling as far as the eye can see.  "We must be getting close to the Rockies, we should be able to see actual mountains in no time!" I heard Jason yell as I begin to drift off, the hum of the blades rotating above.  That noise was almost as soothing as a lullaby, I knew when I heard that noise that nothing could touch me, we were far above the slaughtering below.  Hearing it put me at rest and I was able to sleep.  But not this time, There was an alarm going off in the cockpit, and suddenly I was no longer tired at all.  "Hey, is something wrong?"  I ask looking for a source to the beeping.  Finding the fuel gauge I see that we are almost empty, and that was very bad news.  Looking for a place among the hills to set down at I ask Jason.  "We don't have much further, do we?"  Planning for the worst was the best I could do for now.  The thought of carrying all of those supplies across country did not sound appealing at all.  "Well, not far, we could maybe make it over these hills on the horizon before having to stop.  Or crash, whichever cool with you."  Grinning as he scanned the land ahead for a place to land, he spotted a valley that was clear of any movement.  Setting down, we scan the area to ensure the area was clear and begin to find out location on a map.
     "If the compass on here is right, we have been going straight west since St. Louis, so we are either in Kansas or Colorado."  Continuing to check to map, looking up to see if there were mountains ahead of us.  "Do you think we could take the compass with us?  Id rather not walk blindly across the US, and I'm no expert navigator."  I look all around, not knowing which way was north.  "Do you think we are close enough to a gas station?  Id hate to leave such a beautiful ride behind."   Scoffing as he continues his detailed search of the map, he replies "This isn't a car, so finding a gas station wouldn't do us a bit of good.  This has a turbine engine, so were looking for something called 'Jet A'.  Think of it as a kind of kerosene.  Aww man, I knew we should have got more than a few refills!" Taking a deep breath, he continues. "Well, we cant be too far from a town or even a road, I say we pack up and carry on.  Maybe we can find a car or something.  Hopefully we can find that or shelter by nightfall."  I shuddered at the thought of walking in the dark or sleeping on ground level.  Pushing the thought of those things out of my head, I strap everything down, leaving my machete unhooked.  That was to be carried at all times.  Much heavier and less hopeful, we carry on
       These damn hills, they're going to kill me, I thought as I struggled up the hill.  My balance was sub par with a full backpack and two heavy guns strapped to me.  "Is that all you're complaining about?  At least the road is clear"  I hear that voice again.  Am I going crazy?  No, Its stating clear facts, not telling me to burn things or buy lottery tickets.  I look behind to see Jason is having as much, if not more problems as I am.  Laughing at him I pick up the pace a bit, calling back to him.  "Come on pansy, one more hill!"  I turn around to see him smile and shoot me a middle finger.  "That's what you said three hills ago, I'm done lis-"  He cut his sentence short, and crouches.  Not seeing anything, but I follow his lead, not wanting to see what he did.  "Shh, listen!" whispering to me he points above the hill.  Listening carefully I can hear moaning, and something else.  Like, someone pounding on metal.  Taking the rifle out of the bag, I load it and crawl to the top of the hill, Jason mere feet behind me.  Looking ahead I see about eight of them, all surrounding a big SUV.  The horde quite eager to get in, slowly pound away at the door, making no leeway, but given time they would make it.  Aiming was quite different with the scope, and it took me a good minute or two to finally find the first zombie.  Lining up the cross hairs with his severely deformed face, I pull the trigger.  The Crack ringing loudly in my ears, but the zombie drops, its undead cohorts covered in his sticky skull fragments.  Jason picking up my sniping slack, taking four of them out before I could even hear.   Damn hes good, I thought.  I find the last one, banging mindlessly on the hood, trying to get at whats inside.  Aim, squeeze, explode.  Headless, the zombie takes two steps back, the corpse falls backwards. As soon as I pulled the trigger I was up and running to the car.  There was a reason they were after it, and that reason is food.  "There could be someone in there!  Come on!"  Not waiting to see if he was following me I take off down the hill.


  1. This is still really great, keep it going. Love me some zombies.

  2. Zombies! This is good stuff, would it be possible for you to break up the text with pics?

  3. Great post. waiting for more updates