My name is Chris, Ive lost track of time. It feels like years since I first started running, but I think its only been a few months. Days turn to weeks, and the weeks drags on, such is the new way of life. And yet, despite the violence and chaos, I dont really miss the old world...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


    Dusk was here and gone.  The moon is the only source of light in the desolate city.  We had silently crept to the roof under the cover of dark, hoping to get up in the air before someone came after us.  The door was useless, having shot the lock out from my last trip up here. Packing our supplies in the chopper, we take one last look back, I was hoping to see Carmen open the door to join us.  But she was adamant about staying.  Taking a marker from inside the chopper, I write on the door.  "Goodbye Carmen"  Hearing the blades stirring I turn and head back to the chopper, hoping our departure would go unheard.  As we begin to lift from the roof, several of the guards were on the rooftop screaming, but their voices drown out by the hum of the bird.  Higher we rose, the people on the roof were nothing but ants, and we were westward bound again.  We landed on a roof of a rather tall building to refuel the plane, enough to find another town to acquire more fuel.  "That's the last of it, looks like we can maybe get to Kansas before getting more.  We need to keep an eye out for an airport, But I dread going to an international." Jason shuddered at he thought.  "We stopped at an airport before finding you, we managed to get gassed up no problem.  But when we were taking off, we saw hundreds of them crawling out of the terminals, mindlessly following the sound of our blades.  Falling straight onto the tarmac, flooding out of planes stranded in the middle of the runway."  I imagined those on the planes hid there because of the lack of access from the outside, but all it took was for one infected person on that plane to turn it into a slaughterhouse.  I looked towards Jason, thinking outwardly "This is far worse than I could have imagined.  If the airports are hot spots, think of the rate of spread increased by flight.  This has to have gone global."
     Looking forward I see miles of highway stretch before us,  just as many abandoned cars litter the road as every other place I had been so far.  Is there even a place left untouched by all of this chaos, I thought thinking  as we zoomed across the countryside.  Coming to a farm we see a crude fortress set up.  Tall reinforced wire fence, barbed wire running along the top and bottom, a house situated in the middle surrounded by a small series of gardens.  A ways outside of the fenced in area, a pile of undead, taken care of before they made it to the gates.  Minus the fence and corpse piles, It looked quite nice.  An image of the simple country life.  "They have the right idea, Fortifying and starting a more self sustainable type of life." Jason pointed out as we flew over the house.  Like an island of calm in a sea of death, the house was more than just that.  It was hope that even out here, someone managed to adapt and survive.  A hope that we were starting to make a comeback.  It was something to hold onto, the though of life returning to a more "Normal" state.  "So, what do you plan on doing once we hit the turning point?  I haven't given it ant thought myself, until now." Turning to Jason, I wait for his response.  "Ya know, I really don't know.  Boston is too far away to go back to,I figured wherever I am I would help try to rebuild and that sort of thing."  He said looking back to me with a puzzled tone.  "I just hope we can live long enough to make these plans reality"  He continued, turning back to look ahead for any landmark or sign.  "I hope so too." It was all I could say, in all reality I didn't see me lasting very long.  But then again I didn't see me making even this close to home.  The odds seem to be both stacked against me and in my favor.
         Dawn was fast approaching, lighting up the countryside, Black turning to a light shade of blue in the sky.  "Hey buddy, I'm going to start looking for a place to rest, I'm beat."  His almost lost over the hum of machinery.  " See if you cant find a small town. Somewhere with a roof to land on." I said, not minding the stop to stretch out and maybe have a cigarette.  On the horizon was one of those little one horse towns.  Blink once and you miss it kind of places.  Finding a grocery store to land on we land and secure the area.  There was no door to get up here so I felt better about being on guard duty.  "We have to find someone else around, I cant be on guard duty every time." laughing as I scope the quaint town around us.  Ahead on the main strip I see a hunting store about halfway down the street.  The windows were all intact so there must be something there.  "Hey Jason.  Are you going to be good resting up here by yourself?  I'm going to check out that hunting store.  Couldn't hurt to have more guns."  Looking towards him, I unsheathe my machete, not really waiting for an answer before looking for a place to get down.  "Be my guest, but if I get eaten up here.  I'm coming for you"  Laughing as he laid down.  He knew there was no way on the roof that didn't take basic thought.  He was safe.  Taking one more look at the roof, I see a pipe on the side that would make climbing up quite easy.

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  1. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one